Roseau River Hydroelectric Plant

Decrease the use of Fossil Fuels In Saint Lucia!

The Roseau River is the longest river in Saint Lucia and it is dammed by the John Compton Dam near Millet.

Energy Usage in Saint Lucia

As of 2012, the consumption of energy is 336.4 million kWh. The percentage that is made from hydroelectric plants is 0 and so is the energy from nuclear fuels. 100% of the energy used is from fossil fuels.


With the harmful way the energy is being produced, the population is being effected by pollution. As well as the crops and the natural terrain and resources of Saint Lucia.

Say NO to Fossil Fuels

As of 2012, 100% of the energy used in Saint Lucia all came from fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide; when sulfur dioxide is released, it leads to the cause of acid rain. This can damage not only many habitats, but monuments made from brick and stone, as well as crops.The fossil fuels are derived from pre-historic fossils, they are non-renewable, and will not last forever.


In order to prevent the harmful use of fossil fuels, there is potential for a hydroelectric plant, off of the Roseau River.

What is Needed for a Hydroelectric Plant

The parts that are needed for a hydroelectric plant are:

  • Dam- raises the water level to create falling water and controls the flow of water. The reservoir that is formed is, in effect, stored energy.
  • Turbine- converts the kinetic energy, from the falling water, into mechanical energy.
  • Generator- converts the mechanical energy from the turbines, into electric energy.
  • Transmission Lines- conducts electricity from the hydro-power plant to homes and businesses.
  • Water- this piece cost nothing, but without it the plant would not have the ability to work.


Although, there are dry seasons from January to April, the precipitation from the following months will support the power plants during that season. Throughout the year, Saint Lucia receives about 55 inches, with September bringing the most, with 8 inches.
Because of the John Compton Dam on Roseau River, all that is needed is the turbine, generator, and the transmission lines. The cost depends on the maximum power output and the flow of the water. Generally, in the long run, you save money and help save the earth from pollution!


  • Fuel is not burned so there is minimal pollution
  • Water to run the power plant is provided free by nature
  • Hydropower plays a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Relatively low operations and maintenance costs
  • The technology is reliable and proven over time
  • It's renewable - rainfall renews the water in the reservoir, so the fuel is almost always there

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