3D Modeling Services


Nowadays there are many studios that offer 3D Modelling Services, so how to decide which would be the best one?

In this post we will be providing you a list of 10 steps that would help you choose a partner who would be a perfect long term fit for you:

  1. Try sending a sample technical requirement list that you regularly get from your major clients. See whether their 3D visualizers are able to understand your requirements as well as provide a 3D Visualization Services that meets your standards and expectations.

  2. Look at their previous assignments, scan through their portfolio. Check if the work that they have done in past is in line with the kind of work that you are looking to gain from them.

  3. Inquire about the 3D visualizers who would be working on your project, check their expertise and qualifications. If you are not happy, clear that beforehand.

  4. Create a workflow statement and share it with the service provider. Let them know how you prefer to have your work and the formats for it. Have a meeting with everyone included, so that everyone is aware of the workflow format before the work starts.

  5. Ask if the modeling services provider would include any subsequent changes, and how many changes are allowed as well as what would be the additional charges, if any. Since 3D Modeling is a basic building block, changes are bound to be there so it is better to clear it with the agency to avoid future confrontations.

  6. Look at their existing database and ask if they would be willing to work with them as this would result in reduced time frame.

  7. Have a meeting and set an hierarchy as well as the format for all further communication. Since the data that is transferred is quite sensitive, you do not want it to be communicated over calls or whatsapp.

  8. Ask them to work on a smaller project.

  9. Keep monitoring everyday.

  10. Pay full negotiated price only after you are satisfied.