Examples of Satire

Miguel Frid

Roommate Food Pyramid Updated To Include 4 Servings Of Someone Else's Grains, Cereals Per Day

This "article" on the Onion is Satirical for many reasons. Satirical articles poke fun at common society and this article definitely does this. The article is claiming that the FDA has changed the amount of servings of grains to include food that was taken by your roommates. This blends to parts of culture and makes fun of both of them. One of them is that people are lazy and do not want to eat the correct amount of servings. It is being sarcastic saying that they can get away with not eating right if their roommates eat for them. The second part is that many young people have roommates and it is a joke that your roommate will eat your food when you are not watching. It is encouraging to eat 4 servings of their food. I uses sarcastic elements saying to "Under our new recommendations, housemates can meet their nutritional allotment of grains by grabbing whatever bread’s in the kitchen and taking a couple slices from the middle of the loaf, or by consuming one or more bowls of Frosted Flakes, provided the box is already open" and, "recommendation of drinking the last few swigs of orange juice". Both of these are acting like it is healthy to mooch food.

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