Job Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibility Civil engineers make to improve and protect the environment in which we live. They plan design and oversee construction and maintenance of building structures and facilities, such as railways, roads, airports, bridges, dams, irrigation projects, power plants, water and sewerage systems.

Who reports to this position?/Who does this position report to?

Well often an civil engineering gets a senior position in working so people who are regular workers / who give you blue prints are most people who report to you and people who are under a senior position.

Civil engineers report to the person who wants them in the job meaning the head/Manager of everything or if they need help they can report to another civil engineer in the field or the government if the job is with them.

Average Wage?

The average pay is really different depending on what jobs you do and where you work in the country like if your a civil engineer in Alberta or Ontario you get paid well but in Manitoba or Nova Scotia you get paid less, ill be talking about Ontario and its just average not high or low so the average wage is 39.42 per hour and per year its 75,000 - 95,000 dollars

Possible work location?/Possible work hours?

For possible work location you can work at the construction place meaning whatever you're making near there like near a building in work, bridge, road e.t.c. and or you go to a different place/city to do a project but your location is always near what your working on.

for possible work hours it depends on the job because at some jobs it can go up to 10 - 18 hours a day and for some just a few hours but usually 40 to 50 hours are done in a week for this job

Education and Training Required;Is this a compulsory or voluntary trade?

well for an education you need to get a
  • bachelors degree in a program accredited by ABET(accreditation board for engineering and technology)
  • education field of study in civil engineering
  • licensesure required
YES this is a compulsory trade because if you don’t get a degree you won't get work for this job

Opportunities for Advancement & What Would be Required?

YES there is an opportunity for advancement because when you become a civil engineer you can be on top of another civil engineer(he does his own thing but follows you in some situation)and to that it will depend on how many YEARS u have been doing this job you have to do a certain amount till you get to that spot and it affects how much money you get where if you're in the field longer you get more money.

Possible Hazards?

-Falls from high surfaces/levels or from ladders; falling into a cellar, shaft, trench or open pit; falling as your working on a project site – from cliffs, into pits, tunnels, etc.

-Injury/death as a result of crash of an excavation, floor or wall of a building or auxiliary structure; collapse/buckling of a factor in a structure that is being built; collapse and slide of piles of materials or of stored building materials; landslides; etc.

-Risk of being hit by heavy automtic equipment/vehicles working on a sites

-Electrocution as a result of unintentional contact with “live” electric wires in buildings, during a check up and supervision rounds -Contact with and exposure to intense temperatures (during outdoors work, at extreme temperatures, etc.); or cold/frost bites

paragraph from this site but i wrote it in my own words.

Opportunities for Travel?

YES there are opportunities for travelling if you get a job and if your project involves the government the government would pay for your vacation and holidays giving you a chance to travel because you worked on a project with them and or you go to a different city/province to do a new project and it will depend on what your doing and who your doing it with to pay for the cost of the trip.

Personal Qualities Recommended?/Skills Needed?

Personal Qualities Recommended

  • be young
  • be good at hands on work and working a lot of hours
  • don't get tired really quickly
  • be on time

Skills Needed

  • excellent maths, science, and IT skills.

  • the ability to explain design ideas and plans clearly.

  • the ability to analyse large amounts of data.

  • a confident decision-making ability.

  • excellent communication skills.

  • project management skills.

Will there be a demand for this trade in the future in Canada?

YES there will be a demand for this trade because

1. The employment growth rate will likely be above average because of an increase in capital investments and engineering construction.
2. Although the retirement rate will likely be average, the number of retiring workers should contribute to job openings.
3. The number of job seekers will likely exceed the number of job openings. This will not be significant enough to have an impact on the work prospects.