HSE21 in Action at GES

Curriculum and Instruction

A Warm Welcome

GES Gators - Please accept my sincere gratitude for the countless smiles, kind words, and gestures of welcome. As your TDS, serving teachers and students is my number one priority. I look forward to the journey that lies before us.

In an effort to do what is established and successful in your building, I am going to move away from my original "Week at a Glance" format and instead use Smore to share what's new with HSE21. I will send it out weekly. The goal is to streamline information.

Send Me your Photos of HSE21 in Action!

Digital Resources Access and "CLEVER"

After an afternoon of conference calls with many of our digital resource vendors, I have created a "How to Access" document for teachers. This document is still being tweaked, and I will add GES specific digital resources to the document soon. Something new to HSE is the website, www.clever.com which will be used to streamline multiple access points of several of our digital resources. Kelly Pidcock and I will be your contact point for questions once we get rolling. I am super excited about the number of platforms available for our students in HSE!

Click here for my HOW TO ACCESS DIGITAL RESOURCES GUIDE. Also available on One Drive via my TDS shared file.

Fountas & Pinnell

If you are brand new to the F & P benchmarking system (or just need a refresher), please watch all three videos below. Mrs. Rich, a HSE pro, demonstrates how to effectively complete the steps. I especially like how she engages the student and provides some immediate feedback to the reader. VERY valuable; offer a compliment and a coaching point. If you have further questions about how to benchmark, please see me. There will be more coming soon on where to record your students' levels.

Coming Soon!


MORE TIME. It's something we need and want but just can't seem to find. Ever feel that way? Have you ever been curious about something a colleague is trying and would love to see it for yourself? Beginning after Labor Day, I will be offering a number of release times to teachers each week. The idea is that I come in and teach YOUR class, (no lesson plans, post it notes and an overview will suffice; or I can bring my own lesson or read aloud) YOU observe ANOTHER class! Start thinking about who you'd like to observe and what you have to share with others!