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Weekly Memo for STAFF

Week of January 6-10: Have a great week!

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Streelman: Out of Office

I am out Monday and Friday.

-Feel free to text/email. I will respond as soon as I am available.

What's Happening in the Eagle's Nest?

Welcome to South!

In case you missed this, we have new staff changes in January.

Ms. Trisha Lara will be our instructional paraprofessional!

Mrs. Rachel Raulerson will be our 5th grade ELA teacher!

Ms. Dawn Burford will be our IND teacher! (not certain of start date)

Also, join me in welcoming Mrs. Hamblen back to her classroom!

3rd-5th Grade Math:

3rd-5th grade math teachers,

Please collect the Acaletics winter break packets all week. Please keep these in your room! I am creating a Google Doc for you to add the names of students that return these. They will earn a reward on Friday. Details will be shared!

MTSS Meetings

MTSS meetings will last over the course of three days: January 7-9. This will allow time for all teachers to be invited to discuss student concerns. A schedule will be shared by January 6 with you. Please bring your progress monitoring, data, and other relevant information. We will meet in my office.

Awards Sheets

You will receive awards sheets January 7. Please complete and return to Meghan by January 10.

Team Leader

Our next meeting will be January 13 at 3:30 pm.


Please bring your teacher data binders and plan on meeting in Heather's room on the following dates for PLCs: January 14, January 22 and January 28. We will disseminate iReady data and prepare for student-led conferences.


We have a SAC meeting at 3:30 pm in the media center on January 14.


PreK has APTT on January 13 and Kinder has APTT on January 17.

Report Cards

Report cards go home January 16.

Student of the Week

Please use the Google Sheet to update your students of the week. The sheet has been updated through the end of February.

Bicycle Rodeo

Our students will learn about bicycle safety during specials the week of January 21. Details will be shared if we receive logistics.

2nd Quarter Awards

January 23:

Kindergarten at 8:30

1st Grade at 9:15

2nd Grade at 10:00

January 24:

3rd Grade at 8:30

4th Grade at 9:15

5th Grade at 10:00

Teacher of the Year Banquet

This year's banquet is at OMS on January 24 beginning at 6:00 pm. Stay tuned for information regarding tickets.

Date Change!

Our first set of student-led conferences has been changed to February. The date is February 6. This will allow a month of preparation.

Formal Observation

Email me or Jen to set up your formal observation if you haven't already.

Mid-Year Summative Review

If you are an annual contract (1st-3rd year) teacher, we will do your mid-year summative review on January 13. Don't worry; I will share info!

Possible Retention List

We are going to send home the 1st round of possible retention letters on January 29. I am sharing a link with team leaders to a sheet. Names of possible retention students will be tracked on this sheet. Then we will prepare the letters to go home. We will discuss this more; just a heads up for now to be thinking of your students that might be on this list.

Attention Needed!

Your mid-year review, in True North Logic, is due by January 31. You will go in and complete and submit. Please email me once you click submit so I can take care of it on my end in the system. If you would like to meet regarding this, please let me know. Otherwise, we can both sign off electronically on it.

Last Call for Tutorial

We will offer tutorial to 3rd-5th grade students. Please email me if you are interested in being a tutor; if I already have your name, I have sent you an email!

Please encourage students to read for AR!

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Time Off Requests

Don't forget to include Joy, Meghan, and Jen in your time off requests!

Counseling Services

Dear teachers,

We will be increasing the number of students that receive independent or small group counseling services. This is extremely important for our students. Please allow students to leave your classroom for these therapies, even if it is during instructional/academic time. Thank you for your understanding.

Don't Forget!

Please respond to meeting calendar invites and also put your time off in Skyward!

Thank you for all you do! Have a great week!

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