Upper School Newsletter

August 28, 2017

Dates to Remember:

September 4 - Labor Day NO SCHOOL

September 7-8 - CSAGH Spiritual Emphasis Retreats, Grades 9-12

September 14 - Race for Education Mailers Due

Upcoming Sports:

Tuesday, August 29 - 4PM - Boys Varsity Soccer Scrimmage at Lancaster County Christian

Tuesday, August 29 - 5:15PM - Girls Varsity Volleyball Scrimmage vs. Veritas Academy

Thursday, August 31 - 5PM - Girls Varsity Volleball Scrimmage at Covenant Christian

Friday, September 1 - 3:45PM - Boys MS Soccer vs. Covenant Christian Academy

Friday, September 1 - 5PM - Cross Country Invitational at York County School of Tech.

Saturday, September 2 - 8AM - Girls Varsity Volleyball Tournament at Trinity High School

From the Principal's Desk:

It is my intention to use this section of each newsletter to communicate my heart and vision for our school. This year, I am planning on centering my thoughts on the question, “Why are we here?” It is my prayer that this column can help all of us focus on what it means to be part of a Christian school district in greater Harrisburg. I will also use this section of the newsletter to communicate any specific items that are pertinent to our upper school’s culture.

Why Are We Here?

As I was driving my first grade son to school this last Friday, he quoted his Bible memory verse to me. “Genesis 1:1, ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.’” While listening to him say this verse, I thought, “What a great verse to start the year!” God, through the instrument of my son’s memory work, was teaching me again the importance of starting our school year with God at the center.

When we think about the school year ahead and what will happen in math class, on the soccer field, in our Christmas concerts, and at our art show, it is of vital importance that we realize who brings meaning to all these pursuits. God as our Creator defines our reality. He defines what is right, just, and true. His commands alone are the guide in our quest for knowledge. If we start from any other beginning point in our philosophy of education, we will lose ultimate meaning very quickly. Let’s pray that God is at the center of the beginning, the middle, and the end of our school year. May we once again find God “in the beginning.”

School Culture Update

First, I need to commend our students on their acceptance of our dress code. It is not easy to be a teenager in our society, let alone have someone like myself enforcing a dress code. The students have already started to build a culture of willing submission to the rules. Well done!

As we seek to provide consistency, stability, and order, I wanted to address a particular aspect of the dress code that has been the topic of some conversations this week.

The particular aspect of the code pertains to whether or not a collared shirt needs to be worn under a WSCA sweatshirt. The answer is, “Yes, a collared shirt needs to be worn under a WSCA sweatshirt.” To state the rule in even more clear terms: a collared shirt must always be worn as part of our school dress code.

I am fully aware of the ambiguity of the language in the dress code concerning this and other issues. As an administrator who has the right and discretion to administer and enforce anything mentioned in the dress code, I will be attempting to provide leadership and clarity on the dress code this year. Far from being dictatorial or arbitrary, it is my desire to bring clarity to our families. Our families should know what clothes to invest in year after year rather than having to react to shifting fashions of dress and inconsistent enforcement.

I do not have grand intentions concerning a wholesale change to the dress code at WSCA. However, it is my intention to provide clarity about what our dress code is and consistent enforcement of what it states. Providing such clarity and consistency is not going to happen overnight- it has taken time to get to the place of confusion and inconsistency, and it will take patience and time as we seek to bring clarity and consistency.

As I said at the Upper School Back to School Night, I am thankful for your support in our endeavor to “keep the trains running on time!” As I said, the students really had a great first week. With such a good week behind us, it makes me all the more excited to see what God has in store for us the rest of the year.

Pick-Up Procedure:

First and foremost, please drive slowly and be distraction-free when approaching or leaving the school. Next, when picking up an upper school student, please take a parking space, if available, or be as far right as you can to allow cars to pass through. The line needs to move as swiftly as possible to prevent a "jam" on the road between the schools. Lastly, if someone is in a parking space and needs to back out, please be gracious and allow them room to do so. We appreciate all efforts to make this process efficient.

Volunteer Clearances

We are happy to have parents and grandparents volunteer in our school. Before volunteering, you must go through the "volunteer clearance process" and received approval from Christie Swartz in the Business Office before signing up and volunteering. Packets with directions, checklists, and forms to go through the WSCA process are available in the LS and US offices. It is possible that you have a couple of the clearances already through another ministry and can provide us a copy for those specific ones. Please hand in all of your paperwork at the same time, and keep a copied set at home. If you have gone through the process before, please email Christie at cswartz@westshorechristian.org to verify your clearances are still current. If you have not gone through the process, please be patient as Christie is processing a large amount of paperwork.

Locks on Lockers:

If you choose to have a lock on your locker, please give a copy of the key or combination to Mrs. Wempa in the office. Thank you!

SAT/ACT Registration Dates:

If you need assistance registering for this year's SAT or ACT, please see Mrs. Werner in the guidance office. The next SAT date is December 2, 2017 and registration is due by November 2, 2017. The next ACT test date is October 28, 2017 and registration is due by September 22, 2017.


This school year Race for Education will take place in the Fall on Thursday, October 12th with a goal of $45,000! Last week Students and Families received their Race for Education registration packets. If you did not receive one please email rhenry@westshorechristian.org to get started towards earning great prizes.

Dates to Remember

Labels/Emails Due – Monday, September 11th

Registration for a T-Shirt by submitting 1 label or email – Friday, September 15th

Race for Education – Thursday, October 12th (PM) Schedule to Come Soon

Rain Date/Make-Up for Race for Education – Friday, October 13th

Earn a T-shirt by simply submitting 1 label or email and registering online at www.raceforeducation17.kintera.org by Sept. 15th!

There are many new incentives and prizes to win this year! Each week during the month of September there will be weekly drawings for prizes for students who have sent emails or turned in labels. Get started now to participate each week. Parents you can participate and earn a T-Shirt with a $25 donation. Register now.

Thank you for helping to make a difference in the lives of so many students!