Southern Charm Chats

Let's take 2016 by storm!

Happy January Team!

First, let's address the elephant in the room. In December, I offered an amazing giveaway package.....and didn't give it away. That was intentional and for good reason. As a team, we only had $3600 in sales. From this point forward, I will offer a team incentive each month, BUT I will only give anything away if we reach the team minimum for $5K. Check out our team page in the Merch Perch to see what the challenge is this month and what our team goals are for the month!

Second, what about this Semi-Annual Sale?! I found out about it just before y'all did! It came as a COMPLETE surprise to D/MMs and merchies alike. I am so proud of how a handful of y'all came out of the gates running and are getting sales from this! Continue to push hard on social media and reach out to family and friends to share sale deets with them. ALSO, just so you has been confirmed that items in the sale are phase out items, so more likely than not, when they are gone, they're gone for good.

Third, run, don't walk to sign up for the National Sales Meeting this week! SIGN UP HERE!

Fourth, if you haven't filled out my 2016 survey, please do so NOW! Filling out the survey will even earn you an entry into our team incentive for the month! SURVEY HERE!

Finally, plan ahead and go ahead and get some pop-ups on the books for the remainder of January and for February. Especially look for hostesses for the weekend of January 16 (a new capsule launches January 12!!!) and for planning ahead for Valentine's Day!



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