Twister Water Co.

Water is like a twister. When it's gone, everything's gone.

Importance of water

Water in Africa is very scarce. People die everyday due to lack of water or sanitation. We created this company to deal with issues like this.

Statistics of water and sanitation crisis

  • Over 1,400 children die everyday because of lack of proper water and sanitation
  • 80% of diseases are caused by poor water and sanitation
  • Achieving safe water and sanitation would save 2.5 million lives a year

Pictures of unfortunate people of Africa

Ways we can help

We can help by donating money to create a way to educate the people of Africa. Twister Water Co. are also trying to get filter systems to help these people get safe water. If you also have any other way, you think you can help with this project, contact us.