Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement)

Godwin Cipriano

Goals and Origins

The Hamas are the most influential Palestinian militant movement, serving as one of the the two primary Palestinian Political factions. Rivals against the Fatah the second primary political faction their goal is for the destruction of Israel and to 'raise the banner of Allah over every inch Palestine

Hamas was founded by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a Spiritual leader, Yassin established the Hamas following the outbreak of the first Intifada, a Palestinian uprising against the Israeli control of West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem was when they first struck, Hamas revealed themselves in 1988 through an official charter.

Big Events, Impact and Achievements

The Hamas try to remove the citizens of Israel from Palestine's land for the sake of religious and cultural purposes based off Muslim beliefs, controlling many areas of Palestine they hold a similar amount of Control over the people's rights. though currently unsuccessful in their quest for Muslim religious dominance in Palestine.