Hawthorne Happenings

First Day of School 2022-2023

Welcome Back to School!

Welcome back to school! We are so excited to kick off the 2022-2023 school year! We cannot wait to get our Bulldogs back into classrooms when school starts on Tuesday, August 23. We've got a great year ahead!

Lauren Malone

Hawthorne Principal

Front Office Info

  • If you are changing your child's default mode of transportation home, you MUST request that in writing via email or a handwritten note. We will not send students home a way other than the default mode of transportation without a written request. Please communicate that information no later than 2:00pm.
  • As an increased security measure, the district is requiring that ALL adults coming into the building to pick up a child or to go past the office show identification. Please help us support this safety measure by always coming to the school building with your i.d.
  • Need to email the school office? Please use the email address HToffice@ksdr1.net.

Student Transportation

Kearney School District contracts with Durham School Services for bus management and operations. The Bus Barn can normally be reached from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday at (816) 628-9003. If you are not able to reach anyone at that number, please call our central office at (816) 628-4116 or email communications@ksdr1.net.

Families with children who are new to KSD or who have not been school bus riders before should call Durham School Services as soon as possible to confirm their routes for the 2022-2023 year.

  • 2022-2023 School Bus Routes
  • Bus Tracker App - The Durham School Services Bus Tracker app allows families to track the location of their student’s bus in near real-time, including the scheduled arrival time of each stop. You will need your student’s ID number in order to track the bus. Contact your school office for your student’s ID. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and follow these instructions.

Bell Times

Regular Schedule - 8:40am to 3:25pm
  • The bell will ring at 8:25am to allow students in the building.
  • School will begin at 8:40am Students who arrive to school after 8:40a.m. will be counted tardy.
  • Dismissal for bus riders and walkers will begin at 3:25pm. Car rider dismissal will begin at 3:30pm.

Alternate Schedule Bell Times:

2-Hour Early Out - 8:40 am to 1:25 pm
Half-Day - 8:40am to 11:40 am

Arrival and Dismissal

Some important arrival and dismissal information for new AND returning students!

  • Please make sure you have your school issued bright PURPLE car rider tag. Students will not be put in cars without those tags. The blue car rider tags from the 21-22 school year will NOT be accepted. Tags will be handed out at Open House. If you are unable to attend Open House and plan for your child to be a car rider, please call the office to schedule a time to pick your tags up.
  • All K-1 students and their siblings will participate in arrival and dismissal in the north loop (right by the K-1 hallway). Only 2-5 grades students without K-1 siblings should drop off and pick up in the south loop.
  • Car rider dismissal begins at 3:30pm. For parents in the north loop, please do not enter the loop until the buses have entered.
  • Please have students ride on and/or exit the car on the passenger side.
  • Parents should remain in their vehicles during both arrival and dismissal.
  • Please pull all the way to the end of the car rider loop, even during inclement weather. It is important that we are able to get as many cars into our loop as possible to prevent traffic backup on the streets.

School Meals

Kearney School District has contracted with Southwest Foodservice Excellence to provide healthy meal choices in our schools. Menus are available at ksdr1.nutrislice.com.

2022-2023 School Meal Prices:

Breakfast - $1.85

Lunch - $2.55

Meal payments can be made through the Titan Family Portal or cash/checks can be sent in; these payments can be made anytime. All families should complete the Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Application. This will ensure that KSD has the resources to provide support services for every child.

Email Cel Morris at morrisc@ksdr1.net or call (816) 628-4116 if you have questions about the Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Application process.

1:1 Device Insurance

KSD provides devices for all students: iPads in grades K-1 and Chromebooks in Grades 2 through 12. Each student will be assigned their own district-issued device.

We are offering an insurance program at minimal cost to protect against accidental damage to these devices. Insurance coverage is required if students in Grades 2 through 12 wish to bring their assigned Chromebooks home. If parents/guardians do not register for the insurance program, the student’s parents/guardians will be responsible for the full cost of any damage to their KSD-issued device, including any damage that occurs while the device is at school.

  • For more information on the coverage, fees, and deductibles of this insurance program, please click here
  • For Frequently Asked Questions about our 1:1 program, please click here

1:1 insurance enrollment will begin on July 25 for the 2022-2023 academic year. To enroll, please visit the One2One Risk site starting on July 25 and enter your child's student ID when prompted.

NOTE: 1:1 Insurance Registration will need to be completed separately for each student.


All children that are enrolled in KSD must be in compliance with Missouri’s current immunization laws and regulations:

Those immunization records must be on file with your child’s school nurse. If the child has actually had their scheduled immunizations, please obtain a letter, statement, or record from your health provider showing each dose of vaccine and the full date (month/day/year) administered. The law provides that students not in compliance with these requirements must be excluded from school until the student provides verification of the immunizations received, has a scheduled plan signed by the physician, or obtains an exemption signed according to the provisions of the law. Visit our Health Services webpage to learn more.

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Picture Day

  • Picture day is Thursday, September 15. This picture is for the yearbook so all students will have their picture taken. Purchasing pictures is optional. More information will be coming soon!
  • Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST)

    Hawthorne teachers and staff have been learning over the past year how to best support our students who may struggle at times with behaviors by utilizing the BIST model. The purpose of the BIST model is to partner with students when they are struggling and help them be accountable for their actions to make changes in their life.

    BIST is designed to teach and protect students through GRACE and ACCOUNTABILITY so that students can demonstrate three important life skills listed below and make good choices.

    Grace is unconditional acceptance of students, but not negative behavior.

    Accountability is allowing students to accept responsibility for themselves and their actions.

    Life Skills

    I can make good choices even if I am mad or have an overwhelming feeling.

    I can be okay even if others are not okay.

    I can do something even if it's hard or I don't want to.