Howler Monkeys

By Kenton

Where do Howler Monkeys live?

Ahh you're calmy quietly walking through the forest..... AOOOO! "What the heck was that." You say, you look up," a monkey?" Howler monkeys (like all monkeys) live in treetops, and it's very rare for them to come down. As howler monkeys live in forests, they don't live in jungles. So now you know they live in forests, but where are the forests? They are located in Central and South America. Ok i'm not saying the next time you hear there noise it won't scare you because oh yeah it'll scare you to death but next time you'll know what it is.

What do Howler Monkeys eat?

Since Howler monkeys live up in in treetops and don't come down often, you might be wondering what they eat. Howler monkeys are herbivores, so that means they don't eat meat, so they eat fruit, and everbody knows they love bannanas. They also eat leaves, seeds, and flowers. So WOW! Howler Monkeys don't have a wide variety of food at all.Must stink being a herbivore no Cheesebugers.

What are the Enemies of a Howler Monkey?

So you hear there noise then suddenly it stops (it dies). Yeah so something is probbably wrong with you if you expect to see a frog running away with a howler monkey, so what are there enemies? Howler monkey monkeys don't seem to be very friendly because they have quite a few enemies. Some of there enemies are land animals, (they don't live in trees) so they should be safe from them. Howler monkeys enemies are Jaguars, Pumas, Boa Constrictors, and humans,but mainly a harpy eagle you might be thinking an eagle how? Well eagles fly, and monkeys are way up high in treetops. Are you getting the picture? Whew this was a long one, yet informational.

How do Howler Monkeys Protect them selves?/ What are some intersing facts?

When they get up in the morning they howl, but it doesn't exactly sound like a howl. Although they can't speak, howls let others know that you're in danger or something like that. Their tails can get get very long, sometimes as long as themselves, and they get up to 1.5 ft. to 2 ft. tall. While some adult monkeys weigh 22 lbs. Some only weigh 7 lbs. Howler monkeys live with each other in groups called troops. Well howler monkeys sure are some interesting animals.


Fat Scary one!