Roll of Thunder Hear Cry


The bus stop

I feel like that was the turning point in the book were the Logan's had enough of everything that was going on with the bus and how every day the driver would run them of the road. So they dug a trench and boom the rest is history.


Cassie refused the fact to let any white people get in front of her so she asked the store keeper and she got yelled at and kicked out/ when she realized the fact that everyone was against the blacks.


When the Simms daughter pushes Cassie and demands Cassie apologize to here and when Cassie refused the simms father took hold of here arm and threw here of into the road and that when big ma came and made Cassie apologize .she realized the cold hard truth of racism

Uncle Hammer/vs/ANGER

when uncle Cassie tells uncle hammer about the simms indecent Uncle hammer wants to bring down the hammer on the simms but sadly Mr Morison stopped him . i feel like thats when then kids were not gonna take it any more .

Uncle hammer/Vs/Simms part 2

The logans are driving to church and the simms wave to the logans. That showed the respect

Cassie/Vs/Simms / part 2

Cassie and marly lou are walking and she ask if she could show here something and when they were out in the middle of no where Cassie savagely beat the daylights out of mary lou and if she told here father she would tell all the white kids that a 8 year old beat here up

Mama gets trumped

T.J gets mad cause he gegts swatted in front of the class so he goes to the store and tells them everything mama has done and they go up there and fire here / because know papa has to work harder

Mr, Morison/Papa/VS?/SIimms

In this happy part of the story Stacy and papa plus Morison get a drive-by by some of the simms kids and they get their tell's whooped by Morison but sadly their wagon all fell on papa's leg

Mr. Morison/VS/Simm

One of the simms gets in a truck and blocks the road so Mr Morison go's and picks it up and moves it / that shows how strong MR. Morison is

T.J beats death

papa goes and starts a fire in the woods so tj does not get hanged / I feel that is important because who hangs a kid?