CLP Weekly Memo

Week of September 21 - September 25

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At CLP We Are Growing Leaders Every Day In Every Way!

Important Dates

9-22 Staff Meeting
9-24 Kinder Nursery Rhyme Parade 1:45
9-25 Fall Picture Day
9-25 PTA Crock Pot and Sandwich Lunch
9-26 RISD Parent Connection Kick Off Event

Upcoming Dates

9-30 Fair Day
9-30 Safe School Training is due this day
10-1 PTA Popcorn Sales Start
10-1 PTA General Meeting/Star Gazing Event
10-6 Kagan Coaching Day for 4th-5th-6th grades
10-12 to 10-14 5th Grade at Camp Grady Spruce
10-13 Staff Meeting with Mr. Bailey
10-14 Early Release District Led (Please make sure you take a lunch count the day before for early release and turn that count into Dorothy. This week she had a count of 150 and over 300 sack lunches were served.)
10-14 RHS Homecoming Parade (Cullins will have a float)
10-19 to 10-23 Early Voting will take place at Cullins
10-26 Chick Fil A Night

Reminders (repeated information is in Italics)

  • This Saturday morning the RISD Parent Connection Kick-Off event will take place. Please promote this in your communication to parents. Not many people have signed up as of late last week and we want our Cullins parents to benefit from this parent education time.
  • This week Laura will be adding red/green cards and class rosters to your emergency plans. All students should be accounted for during drills and this will help you to do so.
  • The campus documents for Data Notebooks are ready and will be passed out ASAP.
  • iStation window closes on Friday. Be sure that all of your students have been assessed.
  • Safe Schools- Please continue to work through your Safe Schools modules. They are due September 30th.

Cullins Staff Members Being AWESOME!! (Formerly known as Kudos)

  • Debby Schmucker: I noticed Debby recognizing her students in the hallway for "being proactive friends". Thanks Debby for instilling the habits in our youngest learners.
  • ALL INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANTS: Thank you ALL for the inordinate amount of work that you put in to the ceremony on Friday. You all made many sacrifices in your schedules this week and we GREATLY appreciate you and all that you do not just this week but every week!!!!
  • Jennifer Givens: Jennifer is working with any and all parents to make sure ALL of our 5th graders get to go to camp. The list is getting smaller and smaller!!
  • Laura Mejia and Julie Woolly: Laura and Julie organized the beautifying of the building down to every last detail of Friday's ceremony. This would not have been possible without all of their hard work. Thanks for that but also for being patient with me in my crazy and over the top ideas!

Jill's Corner

Happy Sunday Cullins Friends!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!! It was a busy one for us. Friday pep rally in the afternoon, Makenzie sang at a birthday party for the USAF that afternoon, then sang again with the choir group at the football game. We spent Saturday relaxing and had a nice dinner celebration with friends last night.

Friends, wasn't Friday so amazing!! I hate that everyone did not get to share in this celebration with us because you ALL were behind the success. I know that Gayle felt very special and that was definitely the intention. Our guests were so impressed with all of the student work that you all guided your students in creating. Especially impressed was State Board of Education member Pat Hardy. We definitely made a positive impression to our community of how great Cullins is and that is because of YOU!!!!

We are now going in to our 5th week of school. Your interventions should be getting under way as you are getting to know your students better and getting data. The ISIP testing went really well this past week. We will have someone pulling kids that were absent last week to get their testing completed. Leadership jobs are going great also. It's so inspiring to see that kids taking their responsibilities so seriously. Jen and Veronica told me the story of some kids letting them know of absences that they will need to take months in advance!!! They don't want any chance of losing their eligibility!!! Joann Dickerson will start with her attendance tracking team this week. I look forward to seeing how this impacts our attendance for students.

"Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." Joshua J. Marine
Our challenge this year is to look beyond what we've always done and do it differently. To challenge students in deep and rigorous learning, to use specific questioning strategies to challenge their thinking and take learning to the next level. Think of the meaningfulness at the end of the year when we see the improvement and growth in our students. What are you doing to deepen student's learning?

The video this week is from our friend telling us about heroes. You are ALL heroes for the work that you do with our students each and every day. Go out and do AWESOME things this week!!!!!

Have a wonderful week friends!!

For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President