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Is a search engine,also is a web portal, email network, social networking ,entertainment websites and also gives you the option to can buy some of their products. Was created in 1994, in Pittsburg Pennsylvania (United States) by Bob Davids.


At Carnegie Mellon University there was a boy called Michael Loren Mauldin, he started with the project and he expend around 2 million dollars to start. This web portal continue developing and in the 1990's it was the main online destination in all the world. It became in a big company and they buy around two dozens of internet brands. Terra networks buys Lycos in 2000, and it was convert in Terra Lycos. Then it was sold to Daum Communications Corporation of South Korea and its name changed to Lycos inc. again. In August of 2010 Lycos was sold by Daum to Ybrant Digital of India for 36 millions.
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It is important because let us been notice about the news around the world, also it is divide into different categories, also have different types of news, also it let us search many things like in "Google", have a chat option to can communicate easier and permit us buy their innovative products, in other words it makes easier our digital life. That is the reason of the developtment that this had making in our world, it has been a succeslful idea and in the future will continue making innovations and making tools like this indispensable in our life, making our virtual life easier.
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