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Holiday Edition

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With the snow day at the beginning of the month and Christmas break at the end of the month, how could a short month feel so LONG? I think the kids AND the teachers are looking forward to a relaxing winter break. ;)

The teacher leaders have met with the administration and finalized the PD plan for our next few times. The January 27th 2 hour early out will be spent doing a vertical alignment of the ELA standards. The February 12th all day in-service will be divided into 1/2 days. Part of the day will be spent on tech sessions that Chad will set up, and the other part of the day will be spent on AIW and MTSS/PBIS work. If you are interested in helping with a tech session, please let Chad know.

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PLC Book is DONE!!!!

Congratulations on officially completing the PLC book study! Thank you for your input and participation as we worked through the book. I heard from several people how they really enjoyed working in the district-wide teams. It offered time to reconnect with people they hadn't seen in awhile, allowed some people to get to know each other better, and it gave everyone a chance to have his or her voice be heard. The feedback given in these PLC groups is very valuable and we will continue to use it as we move ahead with the PD schedule.
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As we move into second semester, the members of the TLC team are going to be getting into coaching a little more. We'll start with coaching each other, but are willing to take on volunteers. So if you are willing to be coached, don't be afraid to let a TLC member know!!
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!