Mrs. Burns' Kindergarten

Weekly Wrap-Up

Word Wall at Home

Home Word Wall Idea!

There are lots of different way your child can practice

our Kindergarten Sight Words at home. Here is an

Idea… try creating your own word wall at home.

Give your child a sticker each time he/she reads the

word correctly. Once he gets a certain amount of

stickers, they change out the words for new ones.

This might be a cute alternative to flash cards!

Guidance with Ms. Pszenny

Thursday Ms. Pszenny came to talk to us about festival safety and personal space. While reading the book, Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook, the students explored the concept of the importance of honoring their own and others' spaces by using hula hoops to visualize how "squishy" it gets when we don't stay in our spaces, bubbles to show the different kinds of personal space (smaller for family members or good friends, larger for strangers or people we don't know) and life size cutouts provided by Brooke and Isaac to show how much space we take up as kindergartners!! We ended with a rousing cheer of PERSONAL SPACE to remember that concept as we enjoy Festival and the rest of the school year. She will talk more about it during her next visit. K. Pszenny-School Counselor

2nd Grade Reading Buddies

We had such a wonderful time this week partnering up with 2nd grade to be their reading buddies. The 2nd graders read to the Kindergartners some of their favorite books and talked them about festival safety. We met with them twice this week, and hope to continue to buddy up as the year goes on. Next week the Kindergartners are going to read to the 2nd graders!