Jamestown- 1607

Jamestown, VA was the first permanent english settlement in the New World. John Smith took leadership of Jamestown when they were struggling, and then Tobacco saved it from the Starving Times.

Our Way of Life

"Settlers prospered, growing vegetables, including corn and squash, on their farms, and eating plenty of hogs, poultry, and game. They continued to grow tobacco, create roads, and clear the forest for more farmland" (Capua 20). So basically, most of the settlers in Virginia relied on farms, plantations, and agriculture. "These families gained wealth as tobacco growers and merchants" (Capua 20).

Major Industries

Our Beliefs

Virginia was started because people wanted gold. Colonists searching for gold settled in Virginia to become rich, and to trade with other countries.

Raw Materials

Virginia was highly involved in trading with other colonies. Some raw materials exported from Virginia are wheat, flax, tobacco, corn, and iron.


Virginia was started as a joint stock company, a company whose stock is joint by shareholders.

The Virginia House of Burgesses!!!

Senior Governers - Sir Thomas West and Lord De La Warr

Members- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, etc.


Colonists living in Virginia experienced hot and humid summers, and mildly cold winters. They also got a good amount of rain plus fertile soil, which made Virginia great for farming.

Virginia vs Massachusetts

There was one main problem in the Massachusetts Bay colony, and that was that the Puritan governor and other governmental officials had too much power. The Puritans were a disapproved by Charles I, who was the King of England at that time. If the King of England disapproves the group that started Massachusetts, than is Massachusetts a true english colony. In Virginia, there was a working government, the House of Burgesses. The House of Burgesses was the first elected legislature.

Virginia vs Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island

Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island are all colonies in the New England region, along with Massachusetts. The problem with all these colonies is their climate and landscape. The New England colonies have long winters and short summers. They also have rocky land and poor soil, which makes it difficult to grow crops. In Virginia, there was fertile soil which is why most of Virginia's industries are on farms and plantations for growing cash crops (tobacco, corn, oats, flax, and hemp).

Virginia vs North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

The Carolinas and Georgia were all Royal Colonies. This means that they were under direct control of the King. Most people came to the New World to get away from the King, but here he is having full control of these colonies. The King even chose their governors! In Virginia, there was the House of Burgesses where the people elected there governors.

Why is Virginia better that other colonies?

  1. GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. No specific religion.
  3. First colony established.
  4. Success!

"The other 12 English colonies that soon formed along the Atlantic coast followed Virginia's example" (Capua 19).

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