Displacement Computers

By Michael Hull

Custom Computers without the hassle

Have you ever dreamed of owning a custom content creation or gaming computer built to the specifications of your desire, but lack the skills or knowledge to undertake such a project? Do you desire a computer capable of displaying the highest 4k resolutions today, supporting multi-monitor surround view, shredding through the latest and greatest intensive games, and rendering your beautiful creations or hours 4k video in mere seconds? Look no further for a solution, Displacement Computers can make your dream a reality!

Our Tier-Oriented Products

M Tier

Customized Builds

For now this section is under construction, but if you have any unique ideas or any preferences for a purchase other than those specifications listed under any of the tiers, email displacementcomputers@gmail.com below with questions, concerns, or orders and Displacement Computers would be happy to fulfill your custom request to the best of our abilities.


***Please 2-3 weeks for shipment of parts, construction, testing, and delivery of completed system

***All systems are stress-tested for 24 hours upon completion to ensure that all parts are functional to their fullest extent and expectations

***Customer assumes all risk of crash and failure of system after delivery due to issues including but not limited to: software failure, negligence, abuse and destruction, overclocking, etc.

***Customer assumes all shipping costs involved with initial delivery of system and any returns

***Return policy- Returns for a full refund may be made within the first 30 days after delivery of products, with contact via phone or email made during the first 21 days. Following this, returns for repair may be made at the customer's expense for the first two years following delivery.

Displacement Computers

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