Owl Notes



April is just one week away! Can you believe how quickly time has gone? Spring has sprung and so have the behaviors. Planning a full day of learning and being intentional about monitoring is important in helping keep behaviors in check. Also, constant reminders of expectations key. Keep on top of what's going on and we will make it to the end strong!

* FACULTY MEETING MONDAY - We will have a faculty meeting on Monday. Check the link in the email for the agenda.

* MONDAY GREEN DAY FOR CEREBRAL PALSY - If you wish to support Riley Fuller and family, you can wear a green shirt and jeans on Monday for a mere $5 donation to the Foundation. Make checks payable to...

* BASEBALL OPENING DAY - Le't celebrate kick off of opening day on Thursday. Wear your favorite baseball team shirt and enjoy baseball snacks in the lounge.

* MIMEO WITH LISA - Session 2 is Wednesday after school for those of you who attended the first session.

* FRIDAY AWARDS CART - Friday is awards cart day. Please make sure you complete the awards survey by Monday so that we can get awards prepared and ready to go.

* FIRE DRILL - Please remember that when we have a fire drill, it is a must that you turn out your classroom lights and close your door. This gives us the knowledge that the room is empty. Also make sure you know where your primary and secondary exits are in case one of them is blocked. Today was a great time, we exited the building in the shortest amount of time so far this year!

* FACULTY EGG HUNT - We will be hosting the second annual Faculty Egg Hung on Thursday, April 18 right after school. Donations for egg fillers are now being accepted. Please drop off bags of candy to Tami Eldridge. We will stuff as many eggs as we can, hide them and let the games begin!!!

* TELPAS - Check ratings on a sample collection will be done during CTT this week. You don't need to bring anything! Great job on all the writing collections. WE ARE DONE!!!

* YUCK SHOW - The chocolate award YUCK Show will be Friday. A list of students who will be attending and times are still to come. Watch for an email on Monday.

* PTO EXPLORETORIUM NIGHT - PTO has sent out flyers about vendor booths for ExplOREtorium night. If you receive any applications with a fee attached, please drop that in the PTO blue box in the lounge.

* KINDER AND SECOND GRADE PLC FLIP - Just a reminder that second grade and kindergarten will flip days for their PLC this week. Second will be on Wednesday and Kinder will be on Friday.

* INTRA/INTERDISTRICT TRANSFERS - Intradistrict/interdistrict transfer requests for next school year are now available. If your child is in attendance here on a transfer, please go ahead and take of submitting one for next year.

* REPORT CARDS - Report cards go home in Tuesday folders. Remember if you have LEP students, they must have a copy of the LEP supplement sent home with their regular report card.

* BEHAVIOR - We are all noticing that unacceptable behaviors are on the rise. Please take a few moments daily to remind students of expectations. Remember, we've talked before that losing a few minutes of instruction to reinforce expectations causes us to have extra time on the end because we are not constantly dealing with behavior issues. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact the front office and ask for someone to come. If Kara and I are both tied up, someone will come and we will handle the situation as soon as we are free. Statistics show that complimenting students on their good behavior reduces the amount of misbehavior's overall..


* BOND PRESENTATION - Dr. Null will be doing a public informational meeting at ORHS on April 15 starting at 6 p.m. If you are interested in hearing how this bond will impact the district, please plan to attend.

*TUTORIALS - We will do one more round of tutorials for third and fourth grade students. We NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK! If you are willing to work with a small group for reading or math, please email me and let me know by Wednesday!


Michelle Anthony - for getting bags upon bags of mulch donated for the garden!

Gardeners - Thank you to everyone who came out and helped in the garden Friday afternoon. It looks amazing!

Lisbeth and Jayda - for covering classes for TELPAS turn in.

Rachel Miller and Elsy Del Salto for verifying all the TELPAS.

Karen Boren - for helping me inventory the chrome carts! - Missy G.

Goals for 18-19

1. By December, all math teachers will be trained and will have implemented Poster Method twice a month.

2. Starting in January, teachers will focus on aligning two anchor stations with current learning in the classroom.

3. By the end of the school year, reading and writing teachers will be trained in the conferring process and create their own documentation of conferences.

Upcoming Dates


25 - Faculty Meeting

26 - Kinder planning day

26 - ELA New TEKS training at Ford @ 4:00 p.m.

26 - Third and fourth benchmark/schedule flipped

27 - Fourth grade planning day

28 - Third grade planning day

29 - Award Cart delivery day


1 - Team Leader meeting

2 - 3RD & 4TH Math benchmark/schedule flipped

3 - Kara out to AP meeting

3 - First grade field trip

5 - James Fatuch's birthday

5 - Poster Method

5 - Kindergarten Graduation

6 - Job Fair

9 - STAAR Writing Grade 4

10 - Dena Green's birthday

11 - Bilingual coach visit

12 - Math Review Quiz

13 - PK/Early Childhood Fair @ B.B. Rice

15-26 - Kindergarten Round Up

17 - Tami out to Principals' Meeting

17 - Fourth grade to Destination YMCA

19 - Holiday - Kara Saly's birthday

22 - School holiday

23 - 26 - Book Fair

23 - Third grade Destination YMCA

24 - Administrative Professionals' Day

24 - Fourth Vogel Visit

25 - ExplOREtorium Night, Kinder Round Up

26 - Math Review Quiz

29 - Faculty Meeting

30 - Kim Dooley and Tami Miller's birthday, Dr. Phillips campus visit

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