2022 Summer Experience

Incoming 6th, 7th and 8th Graders

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Incoming 6th-8th Grade Summer Experience Opportunities

Action Art

Action Art is a course designed around unique, messy art! We will experiment with all kinds of supplies to create collaborative pieces of art that are fun for everyone. Bubble wrap, sponges, water balloons, and more are some supplies that we'll use to create these fun artworks. We'll spend some our time getting creative and being imaginative with the Amazing Artsy Fibers Fun class!

Amazing Artsy Fibers Fun!-This course is only offered the 1st two weeks, June 1-14

In this class we will lean into creativity and explore a wide world of fiber art and crafts! Because this class is so diverse, it should be fun for everyone! We will explore a variety of techniques and processes. Some of the crafts include jewelry making, friendship bracelets, weaving, tie dye, felt/yarn crafts, and collaboration with the Action Art Class!

Build It with Mr. Rogers

From 3D printing to traditional shop products, we will learn to design and build several projects. You will learn an overview of design and how to 3D model, and we will use the 3D printers to print some of those designs. We will also use the wood shop to build at least two projects, one traditional and one using CNC technology. This is a great course for anyone who likes to work with their hands and isn't afraid of a little sawdust.

Everything Water & Beyond

In this class we will learn about all kinds of things involving water. We will have a shark week and learn about different sharks. We will explore lots of other types of underwater creatures as well. We also will make a boat and learn about why it floats. We will make ocean water to drink while we watch movies about underwater creatures. We can go to the park, trail, and have scavenger hunts to learn about the weather, and the water cycle. We will also be planting some vegetables and learning about gardening and how water helps the plants to grow and how bees help pollinate our crops. This will be a hands- on class; full of making all kinds of slime, Oobleck, rice Krispy treats, play-doh, tie dye shirts, as well as water balloon fights. Possibly we will go swimming at the Public Pool to learn about how they keep bacteria out of the pool.

Explorer Camp-This course will only be offered the 1st two weeks, June 1-14

EXPLORER CAMP will take place at Bennett Spring State Park and will engage students in a wide range of outdoor activities and demonstrations! Each day will begin with fishing, taught by trained volunteers from the Missouri Department of Conservation. Afternoons will include a variety of activities: hiking, trail clean-up and recycling service projects, self-defense, reading, field journaling, archery, Dutch Oven cooking, camping survival, geocaching, first aid training, and even kayaking. Parents must provide transportation to and from Bennett Springs.

Games, Games, and More Games

Do you like playing games? Board games, dice games, interactive computer games, and just games??? Well, this is the place for you. Students will learn and practice social skills, problem-solving strategies, and sportsmanship in a fun and engaging environment as they battle it out in a variety of gameplay competitions

Introduction to Flight and Space

In this introductory course, we will explore the concepts and foundational skills of PLTW Flight and Space as we design, build, and test a variety of rockets, planes, and other flying objects. If you're considering taking PLTW classes in middle school, or if you would just like to learn about flight and aeronautics in a fun and engaging environment, then be sure to sign up for this class!

Just For Fun and Games

If you enjoy a variety of healthy competitive activities from group competitions and scavenger hunts to solving puzzles and riddles all while learning/reinforcing what you have already learned then this is the summer experience for you.

Lotion, Potions and More

In this class, we will utilize advanced soap and candle making techniques, create various types of lip gloss, bath fizzies, hair chalk, perfumes and other bath and body items. We will experiment with new fragrances, packaging and marketing ideas as well as creating new t-shirts designs. We will utilize experts within the different fields through skype visits and virtual field trips. Each student will create a minimum of 6 different products along with a workbook/recipe book to take home.

Mad Scientist 101

Come join us for fun mad scientists experiments and projects. We will be creating exciting projects, some you will be able to keep and some we will EAT!! We will use microscopes, lab stations, food and much more. If you are not afraid to try new things, make messes and get sticky and possibly wet...join us for Mad Scientists 101.

Minecraft for Education Summer Experience

Join us for Minecraft Summer Experience!! You will be transported to a virtual world to use your creativity and ingenuity to complete educational challenges in the world of Minecraft using your Chromebook. You will have 2 weeks’ worth of self-directed challenges, to learn at your own pace and engage in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Coding skills. Field trips to the park and McDonald's make this experience even better! New incoming students to LMS will learn to use CANVAS online tools before the 2021-2022 school year!

MO Sun and Group Game Fun

MO Sun and Group Game Fun This outdoor/indoor recreation experience will allow students to actively explore the Missouri outdoors by utilizing local trails, parks and the middle school gyms. The different activities will include games, sports, fitness challenges, biking, hiking, archery, and more fun adventures. If you like Gaga Ball and Nine Square plus other fun activities then this class is for you!!!!!

Movies, Music and More

Have you ever thought about the music you hear in movies or TV shows? Come listen to soundtracks to determine what scenes of the movie they would be played. What is your favorite book? If it were a movie, what kind of music would you play during the scenes? Come join us for a fun time of listening to music, watching TV shows and movies.

Mr. Miller's Summer Science Extravaganza!

Come ready for a hands-on Science Experience! We will explore the world of science through a variety of exciting activities. Activities include: Bridgebuilding competition, paper airplane design, 3-dimensional animal models, circuit building, potato batteries, and more! Students can experience awesome chemistry demonstrations, and learn physics using medieval catapults! Come ready to expand your horizons and investigate the exciting world of Science!

Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem

We will take on the roles of crime scene investigators to solve a crime that has been committed in Sharon Scarborough's To Catch a Killer. We will combine English and forensic science to see how investigators would have solved the crime using techniques such as analyzing blood spatter, DNA, and trace evidence. We will learn from experts in the field by taking field trips and having guest speakers from various law enforcement agencies. Hope to see crime and mystery buffs this June!

Sports, History and More!!

In this class, you will join Mr. Staats playing different athletic games, learning history, and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. If you want to have daily fun learning new and exciting things, this is the class for you.

The Fun Science

This class is designed to dig into the understanding that Science is everywhere. We will dig into technology. This includes the Science involved in video gaming, robots, and movies; all of which, will be explored hands on. This class could get messy, when we start mixing and putting different components together. Science is everywhere, especially outside.

World War 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Want to explore causes of World War 2? Ever wondered why the US entered the war? Come to summer experience and be ready to learn all about World War 2. The causes, the people, the battles, and much much more!

Youth Police Academy-This course is only offered the 1st two weeks, June 1-14

In combination with the Lebanon Police Department, Lebanon R-3 students can attend the Junior Police Academy. Students will take a two week course that explores many areas of law enforcement and other first responders. They will learn about several careers in the field as well as have hands-on experiences. CPR certification, field trips, and crime scene investigations will be included.