Gatsby's Crazy Party

What a blast of a time, Old sport!!

Everyone who was anyone came to Gatsby's party this weekend. Many different people where their, the most famous people, the richest of the rich, and even young and crazy people at the party. It was a blast, the lights were shining bright the music was playing loud and the guest were dancing all over the place. There were people jumping in the pool and dancing around. People were drinking and getting crazy. Their were exotic crazy people and crazy dancers at this party. If you weren't there then you should definitely come next weekend because it is Gatsby's mansion where the biggest and best parties ever are hosted. The party was so crazy this week we even got to see Gatsby. No one really knew who he was but he introduced himself to this guy named Nick and it just spread through the party that the Great Mr. Gatsby was at the party.


Yes it is true, Mr. Gatsby himself was at his crazy part. Even with his appearance and the party the question still holds, who really is Gatsby and what did he do to get where he is today. Some say he was raised in Germany. Some say he was a secret German spy. Others has the idea that he had killed a man before. No matter the truth of Gatsby's past he sure has a great mansion and definitely knows how to host an amazing party.