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Facts about Amputation

  • Loss of mobility can be by traffic accidents or by military combat
  • Blood circulation and diabetes is an huge effect in amputation
  • Some people just get a whole new artificial (prosthetic) limb to misplace their missing one .
  • Trauma is the 2nd leading cause of amputation.
  • Most victims of amputations have a very uncomfortable and impenetrable time living to take care of themselves

Ex. The Running Dream

I recommend this book to people who have prosthetic legs and that think that EVER thing is hard to do or to get by by but all you have to do is try..try new things and maybe it could change your view.

Relax and try new things


  • Not only does just getting prosthetic limbs make you feel some what your old self again but its just a new way to recovery.. for you to get back to your old ways or even to make you better inside out.
  • But many people with lost mobility become emotional, because of their limb loss and think of the negative ..and not positive.
  • Having amputations can be a long trail.