Ms. Gebhard's 1st Grade Class

Make Yourself Proud!

Classroom Update

Spring Break is almost here!

After spring break we are starting a social studies unit focused on Appalachian history. If your family is from the area and you have any artifacts or stories you'd be willing to share with our class, please let me know!

Today we had a class meeting focused on a few key ideas that I would like our class to focus on and would appreciate your help reiterating as well: honesty, respect, kindness, and always trying our best!

We started the class on pink this morning and if a student's clip was lowered they would write an "I will..." sentence of how they can correct the behavior. For example, "I will control my voice" if talking during quiet work time. I will continue trying this for the next week to hopefully curve some of the talking/playing that has been occurring during our lessons and work time. If your child came home with a blank sheet with a big star or picture of their choice, then I didn't need to correct any of their behavior today - awesome! I appreciate your support!

We have started our annual Pasta for Pennies fundraiser. Our class is already off to a great start collecting change with $59 in the first 2 weeks - keep it up!

Upcoming Claxton Events:

3/18 - Light the Night Auction at YMI Cultural Center 7-11pm

3/25-4/3 - Spring Break!

This Week in 1st Grade

Monday -

Tuesday - Library day - don't forget to return your books!

Wednesday -

Thursday - Math and Reading Written Response Homework Due

Friday - No School

Our Learning Goals

Reading: Our nonfiction text will focus on the sun, Earth, and moon. We will be finishing our research and working with a program called Board Builder to publish the research. Our fiction focus will be on fables, looking at the central message or lesson in the story.

Fundations: We will start unit 11 focusing on long vowel sounds and the silent e at the end of words. These syllables are called vowel-consonant-e (v-e).

Writing: We will finish our opinion writing this week by writing about if we'd like to live on the moon. Our next topic will be our favorite season.

Math: We are starting shapes this week with how to classify shapes based on number of sides and angles.

Science: Our focus this week will be on the sun, stars, and Earth. Don't forget to complete your moon journal nightly.

Social Studies: We will continue to learn about and practice all 7 habits.

A look at last week...

Working our hardest and learning something new every day!

Practice Math at Home!

Attached to your 1st quarter midterm was your child's user name and password. This site is a great resource to practice math at home.

Scholastic Book Order

Order books any time for your child with easy online ordering. Our class code is LFFN6. Your purchase helps me to earn points that can be used for new free books to add to our classroom library!