Having fun in Antarctica


Fun activities in Antarctica

Do you think that Antarctica is such a bad place, a cold place, nothing to place to do place. Well let me tell why it's not, first you can bring your skates to have a nice ice skate around Antarctica I almost forgot when you start skating you forget about the cold air.You can also see the beautiful sun and that's a good thing because you have a little warmth while your there.Now I will tell you the last reason why antarctica is not so bad Ice sliding! you can slide on the ice but you have to be dressed warmly.

Animal watching in Antarctica. After you have all that fun you can enjoy a nice view of the beautiful whales going in and out the water. Can also see the birds that live there soar through the sky. Now let's slow down just a little bit, you can see the cute little baby penguins with there mother and father.You might even see some that are not born, but if the mother is not there I would not touch it if I were you. I all most forgot you might even see the birds stone nest.

Taking picture in Antarctica. This is were it get's fun again taking pic's. Let's get back to the animals in Antarctica you can take pictures of the animals there and show family and friends at home. What for it... taking pictures of yourself in Antarctica and there is good service in Antarctica I think... You can also take pictures of Antarctica like the glaciers and the ice. Fun activities in Antarctica, animal watching in Antarctica, Taking pictures in Antarctica those are the reasons why you should go to Antarctica. Warning do not get eaten by a whale because I have no money hospital bill!