Mill Creek Weekly Newsletter

November 16-24

Character Trait of the Month

Integrity-Doing the right thing at all times.

Duty Assignments November 16-24

Morning Duty


Caster-Cleveland/Mill Crossing

Henness-Ball Fields/Sidewalk Crossing


Gamble-Front Entrance

Afternoon Duty

Beetsma-Bus Lane

Belske-Cleveland/Mill Crossing

Querry-Ball Fields/Sidewalk Crossing



Important Dates November 16-24

Monday 11/16
  • Pride Assembly-Proceed to gym after roll

Tuesday 11/17

  • Beck's Data Team to BSSE
Wednesday 11/18
  • Vision Team-7:45 AM
  • Brinker's Data Team to BSSE
  • Data Teams
Thursday 11/19
  • Messbarger's Data Team to BSSE
  • 6th Grade ELA PD Leaders Meeting @ Curriculum Center 8:00-4:00
  • Kim, Jen Caster and Kelly to STAR Training
Friday 11/20
  • 5th Grade Math and ELA PD Leaders Meeting @ 2nd Floor CO 8:00-4:00
  • Kim and Kelly to Senior Citizens' Lunch @ BMSFC 11:00-2:00
Monday 11/23
  • Pride Assembly-Proceed to gym after roll
  • Mandatory Active Shooter Training 4:00-6:00
Tuesday 11/24
  • Kitchen Talks 11:00-1:00

Wish Wells and Celebrations


Ally Messbarger got her cast off :)

Celebration!!!! - Wendy's brother in law is recovering wonderfully after a 12 hour back surgery 2 weeks ago!

Wish Wells

Wish well Sabrina's sister in law, Srephanie, brother Donny and their kids Courtney, Audrey and Donny III.

Francine Caldwell wishes all MC family members the ability to KEEP ON KEEPIN ON! A little quote from Mr. Joe Dirt!

The families, loved ones, the country of France, and all those that are victims of terror.