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Mount Kilimanjaro,Red Sea,Madagascar,Serengeti Plain

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is known as a extinct volcano.But is now mostly known as the highest mountain in Africa.It rises in two peaks Mawenzi and Kibo. Mount Kilimanjaro is a place for hiking and looking at Africa's nature.The elevation of the highest point is 19,341 ft. Isnt that amazing.But it isn't just hiking.Mount Kilimanjaro slopes is were Coffee and plantains are raised.Some people wake up in the morning in automatically go to get coffee or to make coffee.But isn't it cool to think were you actually got it from the main source.The main source can be everywhere around the world including a place called Mount Kilimanjaro.
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Serengeti Plain

Serengeti Plain is known for the variety of species.At their National Park you can see all od Serengetis special species.Because of this speciallity of species the Serengeti Plain is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa and Ten Natural Wonders of the World.It contains diffrent habitats like forest,swamps,woodlands etc.There are over 500 species.This is the place to visit lions and many other animals.If your a animal lover this is the place to go.This is the true oppurtinuty to see how others live life passing by species eveyday.Do not miss it.


Madagascar is the place to go if you love islands.Madagascar is lined with massive old incredible trees.The trees are gigantic and huge and has been packed with Africa's past.Madagascar is also sometimes known as the "Great Red Island"because of the red clayish like soil turned into something else dued to many things that happens in Madagascar.Madagascar is full of many places to visit with amazing species and amazing sightseeings.Madagascar is considered earths biggest island.DO you really want to miss this oppurtinuy?
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Red Sea

The Red Sea lies between Asia and Africa.This special sea is the home to over 1000 invertebrates. Things that you can do on this trip are scuba diving.Its the real experience to go underwater and sea beautiful things that you've never seen before.It also gives you time to spend time at our luxurious hotels.This includes Spas and many more to do.Do not miss out on this.
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