A big "welcome" to our class!


I had such a great time getting to know you and your children at our first Kindermusik class together this past Wednesday! It was wonderful seeing both new and familiar faces. I also enjoyed watching your children participate in our activities with enthusiasm. I observed lots of bouncing, clapping, and sweet smiles! Here are a few helpful notes and reminders as we continue on together.


These are my three best tips for parents in a Kindermusik class. I hope to make each class a very special time for you and your child to bond and play together and with the other friends in our class. I also like to encourage parents that there are all kinds of musical responses in class – some watch quietly and some are all in. Since you know your child best, you can interact with him/her on the level that is most comfortable and enjoyable for his/her learning style or personality.

Shoes or no shoes?

Since a few of you asked about it last week, I want to remind families that we do ask that you remove your shoes as well as your child's shoes before class. It's not a strict studio policy, but it certainly helps us make sure that we adults don’t hurt on any little toes or bring in any unnecessary germs. Plus, our feet are among the most sensory-rich parts of our bodies. When a child is barefoot, his tactile pathways feel the surface below his feet while propriocepters in the foot joints and muscles respond to the pressure exerted upon them. And then as your child experiences slight variations in the surface he walks on, his muscle strength, spatial orientation, balance, and coordination is developed!

Do you like 11:00 am?

We now have the one 11:00 am class time for Sing & Play on Wednesdays since we combined two small classes to make it more fun with more friends. We could look at moving the class time earlier, to 9:00 am or 10:00 am, if that suited your schedules any better than 11:00 am. It would have to be a unanimous decision to change the class time because we don’t want to leave anyone out, but if you’d prefer an earlier time, just email me privately. If the agreement is to change to an earlier time, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, we’ll leave the class time where it is.

Check out your @home materials!

Don’t forget to log-in at www.My.Kindermusik.com to check out your new Home Materials. You can stream (from your phone), download, play, and learn in fun ways that help you support and encourage your child’s musicality and learning at home throughout the week in between our weekly classes.