Texting and Driving

Don't do it. Prevent it.

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Would you like to be 23 times more likely to crash? Go ahead! Text and drive.

Texting and driving is a common activity, but it is highly dangerous. Although people know the risks, they do it anyway. Many states have outlawed this activity. It is a risky thing to do.

Why do people do it, knowing the dangers?

There are many reasons that people text and drive.

A study shows that some are addicted. Some don’t like missing out on things. Some say that whoever they’re texting expect and answer right away. Others just feel a satisfaction. And most of them acknowledge the dangers. Whatever the reason, don't do it. Better safe than sorry.

Who does it most?

Some say that adults text and drive more than teens.

41% of America’s teens text and drive. Wow, that’s a lot. Considering the fact that teens don't participate in this behavior as much as adults do, adults must do it quite a lot.

One of the reasons that teens do it is because they see their parents doing it. Parents have a lot of influence on their teenagers. Especially when it comes to texting and driving.

Why is it a problem?

It causes car accidents because it distracts the driver. Many people text and drive.

“In 2011, at least 23% of auto collisions involved cell phones. That’s 1.3 million crashes.”

Texting and driving is a real issue. The biggest problem is car crashes.

When you are texting and driving, your eyes are most likely of the road. You get distracted from the road causing more danger than you'd expect. When you participate in texting and driving, you are putting yourself and others more at risk.

When you are driving 55 mph, and you check your phone for the average amount of time it takes to text, you are driving the entire length of a football feet, eyes completely off the road.

How can we solve it?

People are going to keep doing it.

It is time to face the facts. Some people are going to do what they want. No matter the cost. But it can be stopped. Maybe try talking to the phone through the microphone, if you have a smartphone. Or bring someone along with you who can do it for you.

Positive and negative

*Wanna be a football player? If you know the field you should know that that is the length you are driving when going 55 mph and texting all at once.

*We all want friends. Be a friend. Don’t text and drive.

*There is a way to prevent car crashes. Don’t text and drive.

*If you want your life, hang on to the wheel. Not the phone. Don’t text and drive.

*There is many ways to die. Car crashes are one of them. Prevent crashes and don’t text and drive.

*23 doesn’t seem like a big number. But it is when 23 is how many times more likely you are to crash.