By: Ben Kenyon 2nd Period Mrs. Dee's Class

A Brief Explanation of Judaism

Judaism is one of the three major monotheistic religions. Monotheistic means only one god. Judaism is the oldest of the three and is one of the most interesting of all religions. The god of Judaism is named "Yahweh", which Jews are supposed to refrain from saying except for in prayer or Torah study. Yahweh is the Jewish view of God. When Jews are typing it it is supposed to be typed like this "G-d" when typing it because of the third commandment. One interesting thing about Judaism is that there is a common figure between the three monotheistic religions. His name is "Abraham". He does play a role in the creation of all three major monotheistic religions but has a different role in the different religions. Another interesting fact is that Jerusalem (the most holy city in Judaism) is holy in someway in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism (the three major monotheism religions). The most holy praying site in Judaism is the "Western Wall". It is sacred because it is connected to Temple Mount, which is the holiest site in Jerusalem, but praying is only allowed at the Western Wall. The holy book of Judaism is called the Torah. It is one of the central references of the original Judaism traditions. The sabbath or holy day is on Sunday for Christians, but is from Friday evening to Saturday evening in Judaism. On this day you study the Torah and follow the Ten Commandments and emphasize that all of God's people are equal. Some rituals and practices of Judaism are that you can only eat Kosher foods (a specially prepared type of food) and refrain from eating pork, shellfish, or mixing dairy and meat products. Another ritual is that when a person turns 13, they have a bar or bat mitzvah (bar=boy and bat=girl) to celebrate the becoming a part of the congregation.

There are three major kinds of Jews known as Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews, and Reform Jews (to learn more about these, use the links at the bottom of the page).

Helpful Websites

Some websites that helped me and that could help you are:

World-Religous-Professor.com (There is a section about Judaism)

Judaism101.com (Has pretty much everything important in Judaism)

ReformJudaism.org (Shows lots about practices and traditions of Reform Judaism)