Fear of Pregnancy or Childbirth

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Pathological Fear of Pregnancy

  • Tokophobia can lead to the avoidance of childbirth
  • Primary or Secondary phobia
  • Primary defines a fear of childbirth in a woman that has not given birth before while secondary phobias occur in women who have experienced a traumatic obstetric event in a previous pregnancy.
  • Can also be named Maieusophobia or Parturphobia
  • First account described in 1897
  • Typically the fear is specifically related to the event of labor, so abortion or caesarean section can become options
  • In extreme cases, women can abstain from intercourse in fear of the possibility of pregnancy
  • 78% or women report moderate fears of pregnancy while 13% report fear sufficient enough to avoid pregnancy
  • Fears more intense in women that have not been pregnant than those that have
Fluoxetine, Clonazepam, anti-anxiety medications, and antidepressants are typically used in conjuncture to treat this phobia
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A woman (39) discovered she was pregnant and was overcome with horror about her pregnancy.