Keeping It Comfy

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There is no such thing as not having too many pairs of sweatpants! If you ever find yourself in need of something to wear while binge watching Netflix or playing endless hours of video games, stop on down to Keeping it Comfy to get yourself a high quality pair of comfy pants. Your experience will be speedy and convenient while you have the opportunity to pick from several options!

The Basics

Just like any other business, we will need certain resources!

Natural: Cotton Plants, Sheep, Wood

Capital: Cotton, Elastic, Wool, Polyester, String, Building, Cash Register, Shelves

Human: Cashiers, Folders/Assistants, Greeters, Janitors, Security

Entrepreneurial: A risk-taking individual to bring everything together


My business will benefit the community because we will provide the public with comfortable pants that will allow them to relax. Our products can also be used for athletic needs, such as working out or playing soccer when it's a little bit too chilly for shorts.

FInancial Needs

The community should grant me the necessary financials in order to start my business because everybody can benefit from my products. If an individual wants to wear comfy pants, they might as well get the best locally!


My business will most likely be employing approximately 20 people for $9/hour. Either students currently enrolled in high school, or individuals who have earned a high school diploma or GED will be considered.

Target Market

Our products will be available for individuals of all ages and any gender. The comfy pants will be between $12 and $20 depending on the style. However, this is simply to guarantee that our store will remain open and selling satisfying products.