November 19, 2019


Students are allowed:

  • one suitcase or duffle bag
  • one garbage bag with their bedding in it
  • drawstring bag or small backpack.
  • Students may bring a snack for the bus and 3-or 4 extras for while at camp.

Please note the matresses are covered with plastic. You may want to send your child with a sheet, sleeping bag, and pillow. Or you can send with sheet, blanket, and pillow. Either way I would include just any old sheet to cover the plastic.

It looks like there might be rain, but it won't be cold students can bring rain boots, a rain poncho or large trash bag to stay dry. They do not need shorts unless they are wearing warm leggings underneath. Make sure the shoes are some you don't mind getting muddy.

We will send them home with two bag tags today (index cards with their name and cabin on them), so please tape them with packing/duct tape to their luggage and garbage bag with bedding. If they lose one, you can just make a new one, if they lose both, have them come to school by 7:30 am to get new ones. Please pack an extra trash bag to bring home the bedding and tape or write their name on the bag.

Wednesday morning arrival at Smith

Students should arrive by 7:40 tomorrow. Please plan to drop your student off at school or walk them to the gym with their luggage. Then let your camper go to their classroom on their own when they are called. If you are a chaperone, you stay, all other parents should depart.

Students should wear their class shirts on Wednesday! They can wear something under it.

Buses will be leaving between 8:30 and 9:00 am on Wednesday morning.

While at Camp

Absolutely no devices for the kids at all!! Any devices found will be collected for the remainder of the trip for parents to pick up after students return on Friday.

If we have good reception we will try to post pictures on Twitter using #smithpc19. Follow us on twitter at @5th_intents.

The Return

We will return around 2:00 - 2:45 on Friday. Please check Twitter for the most up to date time of arrival at @5th_intents . The school sometimes sends out a notification of our arrival time as well.

Please remember that Friday dismissal time is 2:55. Make sure you have made arrangements for your child to be picked up by that time unless they are an Alphabest student or daycare student. If we get home at 2:30 you are free to take them then.

After camp on Friday, medicine containers will be in your child’s luggage. Check when you pick your student up. If they do not have it in their luggage before leaving Smith on Friday, please see Nurse Vanstory.

Just in Case

Emergency numbers at Pine Cove:

Main Office: 1-877-474-6326

Timbers Office: 903-579-3658

See you all bright and early tomorrow!