TeamLit: Tidings and Tips

September 2014

"Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home." ― Anna Quindlen, How Reading Changed My Life

Next Meeting: October 13th at Eagle Elementary from 12:30 - 2:30

Facilitator - Allison

Notetaker - Beth

Timekeeper - Amanda

*The description & full schedule of our meeting roles is available on our TeamLit Google Drive account*

TeamLit Meets with Kyle for Canvas Training!

Special thanks to our TeamLit-Techie, Beth Brent, for sharing with us her Canvas course! It inspired us to work-smarter, not harder, by inviting Kyle to BME for a special TeamLit Canvas training!

All Literacy Coaches, Elementary Administrators, Kyle Beimfohr, Jenny Froehle, and Kris Devereaux have been invited to the "TEAMLIT" Canvas page as Teachers.

The purpose of this page will be to hold resources (files, videos, links, etc . . . ) that harmonize with our district literacy framework. These resources will then be shared on to each Literacy Coach's own Canvas course in order to ensure common messaging to each school from their Literacy Coaches!

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Got Questions? Here are the answers . . .

Questions from Coaches, from informal meeting held in late August:

1) Where is the finalized version of the new coach's rubric?

  • It's now been uploaded in SFS.

2) Is there a "common cover letter" for RtI services used in all K-4 schools.

  • No, but SGE does use one and it has now been sent to all coaches via Allison. Coaches can share this with their building administrators, but it will be up to them if they'd like to use the letter.

3) Do parents need to "sign-off" on permission for RtI support?

  • No, however, please use the Elementary Student RtI Plan (for Parents) document to give to parents every nine weeks. This document INFORMS the parents of the RtI support their child is receiving. There is not a parent signature line because it implies we need their permission to start and give support, but legally, we do not.

4) MVRC - MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach - What are the details of the licensing guidelines with the new 19 licenses recently purchased?

  • 5 licenses reserved for our three Title One elementary schools (15 licenses total)
  • 1 license = 1 seat = 1 hour per child . . . so 5 licenses = 5 seats = 5 different students per hour
  • IF your school has any left over seats within your 5 licenses during the day (assuming all eligible at-risk students get a seat), these seats CAN now be use for SPED students - but again, it should be b/c MVRC is appropriate for the SPED student)

  • 4 licenses left over for to be shared with the rest of the district. These four licenses will be given preference to the non-Title One schools.
  • Again . . . 1 license = 1 seat = 1 hour per child . . . so 4 licenses = 4 seats = 4 different students per hour


Visuwords - an online graphical dictionary! Check it out!

Quizlet - a simple tool that lets you study anything, for FREE! (Thank you, Kyle!)

14 Cows for America - a beautiful picture book sharing the story of how the Massai Village reacted to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. (Thank you, Allison!)

Columbia University Janitor Graduates With Honors

Great story of dedication, perseverance, and one man's dream for the pursuit of education. Click here to read the full story.