One of the worlds bigest mistake

One of the most butal wars in hostory Hayden Hancock

A World War to come!

In the 1930's a man named Adolf Hitler came to power. Many Germans thought he was a man of peace until he started World War II by invading Poland. On september 1,1939 the first German tanks rumblulded into Poland. But the Polish had a line of bunkers there forcing the wehrmacht to retreat.

More trouble!

America joins the fighting!

Germany and Japan were allies so on December 7, 1941 Japanise planes filled the blue hawian sky. At seven A.M the first bombs dropped over the American navy ships. Two days later Germany declaired war on the United States.


In the year of 1944 the Nazi's occupied France. A German general named Erwin Rommel had visited the Normandy beaches and relised that Omaha beach and sicily were very alike. Rommel figerged this out because the Americans had landed at sicily in 1943 and the beaches were alike so he thought the Americans would land at omaha so Rommel had his men heavily reinforce omaha beach. On June 6 the Germans spotted a fleet of 5,000 ships out in the sea. When the American landing crafts come ashore omaha beach is turned into a killing zone.

At the end of D-Day!

At the end of the battle there were 10,000 American Canadian and Brittish casullties and 2,000