ES Newsletter

February 16, 2016

Dear Balboa Academy ES Community,

Now that we have enjoyed our Carnival Break, we look forward to our school days ahead. Welcome to our new families who are joining us and we look forward to sharing our upcoming ES Field Day on Feb. 17th and at our Dragon Festival on March 5th together.

To meet the needs of our students, we have added new support classes to the ES. Classes include: Literacy Enrichment, Gifted Education classes, Math Support, and Reading Support. Students were selected based on standardized assessments and teacher recommendations. Students’ achievement and needs will continue to be assessed during the school year to determine support services needed. We look forward to watching our students achieve!


Lisa Blasser

Assistant Principal

Balboa Academy

Field Day

Our Color Teams are excited about our upcoming Field Day. We held a Pep Rally on Tuesday, Feb. 16th to reconnect with our team and meet new team members who have joined our ES. Come out and support your Color Team on Wednesday, Feb. 17th!! Our Field Day events begin at 8:15 am.

Pep Rally

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Dragon Day Basket

The PTSO is asking families to contribute items to baskets that will be raffled off at the Dragon Festival. Each student should contribute 1 item, according to their grade’s theme. Below are the themes and examples of items to donate. Be creative! Please deliver items to your hall box.

Preschool - Summer Fun

Goggles, water guns, dive toys, floaties, sunblock, hats, glasses, plastic tableware, thermoses, towels, beach totes, etc…

Kinder - Baking Party!

Cake Mix, cookie cutters, measuring cups & spoons, baking pans, mixing bowl, aprons, rolling pin, spatula

First Grade - Movie and Game Night

Game boards, DVDs, movie tickets, popcorn, cards, puzzles, pen & pad, dice, checkers, dominoes, blankets, snacks, etc…

Second Grade - Arts and Crafts

Crayons, markers, coloring pencils, drawing paper, paints, easels, books, art supplies, etc…

Third Grade - Healthy Life Style

Exercise mats, organic teas, healthy treats, jump ropes, yoga mat, reusable water bottles, etc..,

Fourth Grade - Gourmet Meal

Spices, Sauces/marinades, fancy serving dishes, caviar, cheese knifes, pate, olives, nuts, table mats, knife sets, recipe books, aprons, etc.
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Student Teachers

Balboa Academy once again will have student teachers from Christopher Newport University CNU (Virginia, USA) in the ES. Catherine Henne and Suzanne Florey will be part of our Grade 3 and 4 teams.

Upcoming ES changes for the next school year

Balboa Academy will have a full-day Kindergarten program beginning in August. This change will allow students to have more time for their academic and social growth. We look forward to this new opportunity.

Next school year our preschool will move to the ES building. We will be remodeling spaces over the summer for their arrival. We have many exciting plans in motion for to prepare for them. The City of Knowledge has other plans for the Preschool building.

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