By: Garrett H.

What a Blizzard Really is

I will start this report on what blizzard really is. A blizzard happens when cold air from the north mixes with warm air from down south. A blizzard can cause a lot of trouble for drivers on the road and just anyone because school can be canceled ,work ,and roads may be blocked off. Blizzards can also cause freezing rain and people may get frostbite.

Are Blizzards Predictable

Blizzards can be predicted by finding the middle of low pressure system by looking at maps. Meteorologists also use radars, satellites, computer models ,upper air observations ,and climatology to predict blizzards. Always listen to your radio during winter to get warnings if a storm is coming.

What to Do if you are Caught in a Blizzard

If you are caught in a blizzard do not eat snow because it will lower your body temperature. If you are going hiking be prepared for the worst and bring extra clothes ,sleeping bag ,food and a snow shovel, to make holes to take shelter.

More about Blizzards

Blizzards are very dangerous and if you get warning of one be prepared and stay warm. Blizzards mostly happen in the winter ,through late November to late March or early April. Most of the southern and western states rarely have blizzards, but they still can happen there. The biggest blizzard was the Great Blizzard of 1888 this blizzard killing 353 people ,$66.7 million in repair , causing 1,000,000 to be without electricity and impacting almost half of the U.S. 22 states.