How the American Revolution Started

Stop, reason, and fight!

1. The Proclamation of 1763

The Proclamation of 1763 is a law passed by Britain saying that none of the colonies can settle west of the Appalachian Mountains because Britain doesn't want to have conflict with the Native Americans. It really upset the colonies since they fought for all this land, and in return, they get none of it to settle in. I think it's one of the most important causes of the American Revolution because it was one of the first reasons that the colonists thought Britain was beginning to use them as bait. They begin to look at it as a reason for Britain to reinforce control of them again. They are starting to feel used by Britain.

2. Mercantilism

Mercantilism is the economic activity that states that the colonies should support the mother country, such as providing raw materials, and the colonies have to purchase the finish goods. Mercantilism was used in the 1760's by Britain and other countries. The colonies were then selling the goods to other countries, so Great Britain passed the Navigation Act. It made sure that the raw materials all is sold to Britain, and not any other country. The colonies were super mad, and they started smuggling goods from America to the other countries. I think it's one of the most important causes of the American Revolution because the people are being sold out of their money. The colonist are angry at how they are treated by Britain, and they are pretty much giving raw materials to Britain, and getting less out of it than Britain is.
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3. Stamp Act of 1765

The Stamp Act of 1765 was a law passed by Britain to place a tax on almost all printed goods in the colony, like newspapers, wills, and playing cards. It affected almost everybody in the colonies because a lot of them use ink. It reminded them the of the need of action, and got many people on the Patriots side because of the unneeded tax on the printed goods. It's one of the most important causes of the American Revolution because it made people start to think about Great Britain as a mother country. It wasn't taking good care of them as a real country would do, and the taxes on a lot of the products they buy everyday is terrible, so they saw it as a need for action.

4. The First Continental Congress 1774

The First Continental Congress of 1774 is where 55 delegates from all the colonies (Except Georgia) went to Philadelphia to talk about the interest in breaking away from Great Britain. The said to boycott all of Britain's goods, cease trades with Britain, and to challenge Britain's control. They sent the Olive Branch Petition to King George III asking him to treat them the same as every other Britain person with equal rights, but King George III refused. I think this one of the most important causes of the American Revolution because they finally met up to discuss about the things that Britain has done to them. They want to be separated from Great Britain because of all the terrible things that they has done to them. They no long thinks it's fair for Britain to use them as a puppet. They realized that if they don't do something fast, they will all be sent back to Britain. They now know it's time for a change.
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Revolution Cartoon

This cartoon represents the American Revolution because the people are against African Americans at the time, and they will get more supporters if they think that all the people that are avoiding the African Americans. They don't think about shooting the British first, but instead, if they see a African American, then they would shot them first, the same for the British. If there was African Americans fighting for the Americans, they would probably do the same. No one wanted people to have dark skin at the time, so they simply got rid of them by killing them, just like in the Boston Massacre. The people didn't even recognize Crispus Attucks anywhere, like in the famous painting by Paul Revere. Even though it is such a shock today in our world, the Americans used it to get supporters.
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Questions To Answer From The Video

  1. How were the British soldiers easy to spot?
  2. How were the Americans able to fight harder?
  3. Why did Britain give up fighting in America?