November 18, 2013


Team Opal and Team Sapphire Student Recognitions

Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that Mr. Tushman, principal in Unami’s “One Book One Unami” summer reading novel, said propel us into greatness. On November 6th, the Opal team recognized four students who exemplify these traits. These students were nominated by their peers and, like Auggie in Wonder, were given a standing ovation for their actions by their family, friends, and teachers. In addition, the Opal team spent the morning writing letters of thanks to community members, tie-dyeing team t-shirts, and getting to know more about their teachers. Do you know which Opal teacher saw a mother bear and her cubs while vacationing at Yosemite?

Team Sapphire honored Wonder award recipients during a team assembly for the positive choices these students made during the 1st marking period. Award winners were nominated by their peers and exemplified the qualities of Auggie Pullman in our One Book, One School selection, Wonder. We are extremely proud of the positive role models the students have set for fellow Unami students by choosing kind in their everyday lives. Please except our congratulations as well for the wonderful work you do at home as parents.

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Veteran's Day, November 11, 2013

In an effort to commemorate Veteran’s Day, students, faculty and staff members were given the ability to participate in an activity designed to bring honor and personal reflection to the military heroes in their lives. A template was provided that allowed the participants to explain the significance of their veteran as well as any impact or legacy their chosen veteran left on their lives. Students then turned in their poster to their respective social studies teachers. These posters were hung up in the entry way by the bus loading platform and a Wall of Honor was built to pay homage to Veteran’s Day. Each poster was organized by conflict and social studies teachers brought their classes down to reflect upon and read various entries from our Unami community. When students were asked what impact this wall had on them they responded with the following:

Reading about the numerous men and women who gave up their lives for my own freedom really made me reconsider myself and my life. It is truly amazing, the service that so many have done.”

“The amount of people just from our school that have some connection to someone that serves in our military had the biggest impact on me. It is great to honor them in this way and I am grateful for what they have done.”

“The biggest impact this wall left on me was the feeling of pride that I get to live in America and have people who serve and fight for my safety. I will remember to honor our veterans when I see them because of what they did for our country.”

On behalf of the Unami community and beyond we say “THANK YOU” to all who have served our country selflessly and honorably.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

The Unami National Junior Honor Society students have collected food items for families in our community. They will be hard at work this week bundling these items into Thanksgiving baskets for families in need. Thank you to all members of our community for your generosity and support of our students, as they strive to give back to their community.



Fall Soccer

The 8th Grade boys' soccer season began with only 15 boys present at tryouts. No cuts were made and positions were easily filled. Some players were asked to play where they had not played before which meant that it took longer for our team to get organized. Once the process got started the team played better with each successive game. The win over Lenape got them into the playoffs where they played their best game of the season against the first place seed team. According to the referee, the game was incredibly well played by our team. After the number 1 team scored a goal in the first two minutes of the game, the play was even for the rest of the game with equal scoring chances.

Good luck to those players going on to try out for the CB South team next year.

~Coach Litzke

Coached by Mr. Kamenik, the 7th grade boys won their first game, lost the next five and then won their final game. Hopefully in between they learned something and enjoyed the game of soccer.

Field Hockey

Under the coaching of Ms. Kirkpatrick, the 8th grade field hockey team had a great season and ended with a record of 8-2-1. The team worked very hard throughout the season and played their best every game. The team defeated both Tamanend and Tohickon. The team was led by Kasey Deitzel and Ally Fitts.

The 7th grade field hockey team had a great season this year. Each player on the team added their individual personalities in order to become one whole unit. We had a lot of tough games and the girls continued to fight to the end of each game. Our season ended with 4 wins, 2 ties, and 2 losses. We lost 2 tough games to Holicong and tied 2 games to Tamanend. Both schools put up a good fight and we did not stop pushing ourselves until the whistle blew. We came out on top against Lenape and Tohickon, and won every home game we played! The girls learned that when they play as a team we can accomplish anything. The players worked really hard, improved a lot, and most importantly worked well together. I am proud of each one of them and wish them the best in their 8th grade season! ~Coach Adams



This season started slowly for the warriors. We had a lot of new players and needed to teach them the basics and keep the experienced players engaged and improving as well.

Our quarterback Jack Johns was a star performer, making great throws all year in difficult situations. Our running backs changed weekly between Jason Horvath, Chris Cardamone, Chris Arzberger, Colin Dompert not to mention Steve Kuneck and first year player Evan King. They all took turns carrying the ball in almost every game. The receivers worked hard as a group specifically Nate Robinson and Ryan Shoch, Sean Charpentier and Jimmy Tumasz. They had big catches in almost every game. The lineman improved every week and put their best effort together for the last game of the season against Newtown at Unami. We ran the ball behind them at will. Great effort was shown by Kris Schaller, Corey Stafford, Bobby Gorman, Nick Hadik and Alex Hagey.

Defensively we also improved every week and gelled by the end of the season. Our defensive line was solid led by Corey Stafford, Charpentier, Chris Brown and Evan Quinn. Our linebackers improved as well lead by Evan King, Nate Robinson, Steve Kuneck and Jason Horvath. Sean Neil, Jimmy Tumasz and John Seiss all played well at linebacker as well. Our defensive backs were led by Jack Johns, Ryan Shoch, Tyler Boylan, Peyton Campbell, Colin Dompert and Jake Parlow.

Our season record was 2-5, but we continued to improve week in and week out getting better as a team and as individuals. We want to thank all of the players for a very successful football season and for their continued hard work from the first week to the last. We also want to thank each and every player that was named and the ones not named in this write up for their dedication to the team and to the sport of football. May you all find success in the future in and out of football.


Unami Varsity Coaching Staff

Under the direction of Coach Smith, the Unami 7th Grade Football Warriors posted a record of 5 wins and 2 losses. The Warriors' two fullbacks, Chris Marozzi (56 points) and Dante Scipione (52 points) led the team in scoring. Captain Matt Norris caught 3 touchdown passes from quarterback Jack Robertson on offense and joined middle linebacker Tyler Palkovics in registering the most tackles on defense.

The Unami Line led by tackle Dylan Tague and guard Dylan McCrory dominated opponents. It was a team effort all the way!


The Unami Tennis Team, both Junior Varsity and Varsity, had an amazing season this fall. With a lot of new talent and returning talent from seventh and eighth grade, our JV had a winning record and Varsity ended their season as 4th rank in the district. Individually, 7th grader Will Rong brought much attention to the Unami courts in his first year playing tennis for a team. As our number one singles player for Unami, he finished 4th in the entire district out of 10 singles players. Will was always polite to his opponents and has much potential for next year. Through our many property laps, stretch counting in Spanish (we couldn’t help it, with two Spanish teachers as coaches!) and our team party to end our season, we realized that the Unami Tennis Team became a very strong group of players and friends by the end of the season. Special thanks to Coach Mendoza for stepping in as JV Coach this year! GO WARRIORS!

PECO Grant Awarded to Unami Science Teachers

7th Grade science teachers received a grant, affording them the opportunity to partner with the PECO Environmental Education Program...a dynamic and teacher/student centered program-designed to teach students about the energy they use today and will use in the future. The Program combines a five-week classroom module with hands-on kits and curriculum, (about: energy transformations, solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, natural gas, energy efficiency) a school student energy audit, a PECO sponsored field trip (optional), and a cash grant to support the school’s implementation of an energy and environment-focused community project.

Mrs. Cohick and Mrs. Caldwell are incredibly excited about this enriching and relevant learning opportunity for their students!


9th grade students have begun their stock market competition in their social studies classes. Competing against classmates and a number of teachers, students are attempting to create the best financial portfolio. The goal is to mirror the “money madness” and wild speculation of the 1920s. Investment began on November 7th and ends December 18th.

In addition, social studies classes will be participating in a 1920s-style party. This 20s simulation includes a “picture palace” that plays Charlie Chaplin, a jazz club dance floor where students can practice the Charleston and “Lindy Hop,” the Harlem Renaissance Café where students can relax with their friends and a reading by 20s author F. Scott Fitzgerald from his book The Great Gatsby. 9th graders will have the option of dressing like one of the famous icons, sports heroes, celebrities or notorious criminals of the decade. Essentially, we hope to take students back to the 1920s on December 6th.

This week students did a peer review in science class of their landform projects. Students created interactive PowerPoint presentations after researching landforms around the world like Niagara Falls, Devils Tower, and Mt. Vesuvius.

Students are researching and learning about the Holocaust, the 1960s, and the 1920s in English classes to better understand the historical context of the literature they are reading.

National Geographic Bee

Each year thousands of schools in the United States participate in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography and its importance in the world. Once again, Unami students in grades 7 and 8 will participate through their social studies classes in this entertaining and challenging test of geographic knowledge. Questions about the Geography Bee may be directed to Unami’s coordinator, Mr. Fischer.

Technology News

8th graders are studying transportation technology. They are building rockets reinforcing the concepts of thrust, drag, aerodynamics, balance and accuracy in measurement.

7th graders "manufacture" sailboats, first as a cottage industry and then in an assembly line. They discovered firsthand the efficiency of specialization of labor.

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From Our Library

Are you worried about the quality of material children receive when they search the Internet for answers? Did you know that less than 10% of Google’s hits are K-12 relevant or editor/teacher reviewed? We have a better alternative to help your children find the answers. Please encourage your students to use the Online Databases available through the Unami Library to access thousands of reliable and timely sources such as reference books, newspapers, magazines, reliable websites and videos and so much more.

Usernames and Passwords from home:

  • Student Resource in Context, Opposing Viewpoints in Context and Gale Virtual Reference Library - Password: research
  • ABC-CLIO Social Studies Databases:- Username: unami and Password: research
  • World Book Online - Username: cblibrary and Password: cblibrary
  • Safari Montage: you access these videos with your CB username and password

Amazon School Rewards Fundraiser for Unami Library:

Do you shop online at Amazon.com? If so, you can help the Unami Library. Simply start your shopping at the following Amazon link or follow the link on the library home page and Unami's library receives a portion of the total sales in the form of a monthly gift card. This fundraiser allows the library to purchase the latest titles as soon as they are released. If you have any questions regarding the fundraiser, please email our librarian, Holly Kilpatrick.

Thank you for your continued support of the Unami Library!!!


October’s Asset was: #31 Restraint.

Young person can identify, regulate, and control his/her behaviors and emotions in healthy ways, particularly in stressful or unstructured situations.

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October Boomerang Award Recipients

Important Upcoming Dates

November 18 - Report Cards Distributed

November 25 & 26 - Teacher-Parent Conference Days

November 26 - Early Dismissal - 10:45 A.M.

November 27-29 - Thanksgiving Holiday

For more details, please take a look at the calendar on the Unami website.