Animal Farm

By Maxien Chandler


Napoleon is controlling. He always tell the animals what to do and when to do it. He has guard dogs to attack the animals when he want them to. Napoleon would use the animals ignorance to control them also. He is also stuck up. He would awarded himself for doing nothing. He would never give the animals credit and would not care when they would do something for him. The quote boxer would use for Napoleon is '' Napoleon is always right''.


All the animals was to be equal, but the pigs took over. Then Napoleon chased Snowball away, so he and the other pigs was not on the same level as the other animals. Napoleon was the main in charged because he was the one who everybody would follow and listen to.

Important Events

Important events was that Napoleon didn't lead the battle of the windmill, with Fredrick. He stood in the back the whole time and didn't fight allowed with the animals. when the fight was over he awarded himself and didn't give credit to any of the animals that actually did work in the fight.


A symbol in the book is the ''Beast of England'' flag. It symbolize the rebellion that the animals had created. It was for the Mr. Jones and the animals going against them.