MMS GT Fall Newsletter

Fall 2022

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Welcome to MMS

We are excited to have you part of the MMS family! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns! Below are upcoming dates:



Meeting for parents of newly identified students

Performing Arts Center



G/T Meeting for Parents Interested in Having Child Assessed

Performing Arts Center



G/T Parent Meetup: Summer Opportunities


Spring 2023

Campus Showcase

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Schoology Groups

Please have your gifted & talented student join our MMS Schoology Group and for you, the parent, to join our parent group. We will begin sending updates about our upcoming IDEAS Spring Showcase and other GT news to our group.

Student Group: 7H6F-WRK2-XXRJR

Parent Group: PPW5-P8P8-ZK3B2

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MMS Campus GT Padlet

Please follow us on Padlet to see student work and projects!
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Our district has rebranded our GT showcase to now be called the IDEAS Showcase. IDEAS stands for innovators, designers, engineers, artists and storytellers.

Please have your student begin working on a passion project to share the first week of March (showcase date TBD). I would like to have our passion projects complete no later than Tuesday, February 28th--- we will have a check in February 1st to see the status of our projects and again on the 28th. This project is a long term extension activity for your student.

A passion project can be over anything, school appropriate, that your student loves and ignites a fire in their creative mind!

Examples (not limited to): Create a podcast or FlipGrid series. Write a short story or fan fiction based on a historical event. Conduct a science experiment with a hypothesis and findings. Build an interactive exhibit with both digital and physical elements. Tell an oral history. Do an interpretive dance over a significant event or concept. Take a series of photographs and create an exhibit that tells a story about your student's passion. Design or code a game based on a historical event or a work of literature. STEAM project. A cross curricular project of studying weather patterns or seismic activity of a specific location and creating graphs and charts to showcase their numerical data and also creating an interactive exhibit of what their phenomena looks like.