Take a Trip to Austin Texas

By: Lauren Closs

Famous Tourist Sites

Some fun places to visit in Austin Texas are Lake Austin, Zilker Park, Barton Springs Pool, and Lake Travis. When traveling to these sites be sure to bring along some sun screen, because even though it's winter you will be exposed to the sun.

Recomended Food Joints

If you get hungry some great places to stop and get some food are The Strand, Texas BBQ Trail, and Louviney Winery, Restaurant and Vineyard. If you have kids then I wouldn't suggest you go to Louviney Winery, Restaurant and Vineyard as there will be alcoholic beverages there.

Weather and Climate of Austin, Texas.

Since Austin is located at 30.18 degrees North and 97.42 degrees west, with an elevation of 597 feet, they have a warm, dry climate. During the winter they still have pretty high temperatures of around 70 degrees, with low precipitation of less than 3 inches. During the winter you really won't need anything more than a light sweat-shirt and maybe some jeans.

Recomended Places to Stay

While you're staying here in Austin some places you should consider staying at are The Adolphus, America's Best Value Inn, and Embassy Sweets. These hotels (excluding The Adolphus) have several locations so no matter where you are, one of these hotels will be within reasonable distance.