Burnt Ends

Jack Palms

The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates

The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates proves that we don't always know what is best for us. It shows that even though someone can't prove what is the best for us we should still be obedient to adults with more wisdom. Like when the mother tells the daughter not to ride around the corner and when she rides off "she fell before she even reached the corner", shows that the little girl wasn't old enough for make the right decision so her mother had to for her, even though she thought she wouldn't fall (Tan 87).
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Ying-Ying St. Clair

I feel like this mother daughter pair was so much more interesting and provided a fiction factor to the reader unlike the other sections. I think the powers of the characters in the story would consume you with non stop action which I would love. All the drama that would go along with having super powers would always keep you nose deep in the book no matter what section. Unlike my section I feel this mother daughter pair would create suspense and keep you engaged in the book.

The Wedding

" I was like a blind person walking to my fate. But I was no longer scared. I could see what was inside me", describes how Lindo has been searching to find her fate but now as she walks down the carpet to get married can really see who she is (Tan 58-59). This quote tells me to always be you and not be scared about what people might think about you or say to you. I also think it means to find who you really are on the inside and pursue that fate no matter what obstacles are thrown at you.


In The Joy Luck Club Amy Tan presents the idea that assimilation is challenging for all families but is necessary to successfully adapt to a environment. The faster one can grow into a new culture or area the happier and more satisfactory that person will live. In the short story The Red Candle Lindo must adapt to a new family as she will be marring her husband Tyan-yu who she very much dislikes. " Because I was promised to the Huangs' son for marriage, my own family began treating me as if I belonged to somebody else", Lindo must move on from old ways and began a new chapter in her life as a wife (Tan 51). She feels as if she is being left by her own family but must quickly adapt to a new lifestyle in order to live a happy life.