Science TEKS Streamlining

May 23rd 2017

SBOE has adopted Science TEKS Streamling but standards are NOT YET EFFECTIVE


Middle School

High School

Streamlining Standards will become effective in August 27, 2018.

First taught during the 2018-2019 school year.

Testing the current TEKS for one more school year.

Vertical Alignment Analysis

Finding the gaps that will exist.

VBTSC TEKS Streamling 1 hour course

Assessment Blueprints

There is no information at this time to indicate that the TEA Student Assessment Division is planning to modify the current STAAR assessment blueprint for 5th, 8th, and Bio.

Current Assessment Blueprints are in compliance with the changes made by streamlining.

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TEKS Resource System

DRAFT 2018-2019 curriculum documents will be posted throughout the 2017-2018 school year in an effort to receive feedback through our site

Final versions will be published no later than late June 1, 2018

Multiple course versioning

Internal analysis and revision of needed revisions: VAD, TCD, IFDs, PAs, Rubrics, Vocabulary, Guiding Questions, and Unit Assessment Items.

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