MEMS Weekly Family Newsletter

Week of March 21-25th 2016

Principal's Corner

Good afternoon all,

Over the past three weeks, the issue of communication from the school has come up. Parents are frustrated with trying to find information on Haiku and many don’t even try. I know Flood Brook has a weekly newsletter that goes out to parents. And as I said, it has come up many times in the past weeks. There is a group meeting weekly generating ideas about how to publicize the good things that go on at MEMS. At the PTO meeting on Wednesday, it came up again. Last night we held a Parent Tea and it came up, yet again. Mostly, parents would like to see a calendar of events…meetings, sports events, activities. This newsletter would be mostly announcing events: PTO meetings, Board meetings, posting the week’s menu, interim studies dates, etc. Occasionally we’ll post special events: the play and the spring concert. This is a way of addressing the need for more communication from us to parents. We’ll try to make it as easy as possible, but we may ask for an article, blurb or description from you about what you are doing.