By:Racquel King

Question 1. What are the 2 main issues with droughts?

Two main issues with droughts are it can reduce water quality and with a decrease in water, it can diminished crops and growth, and it can affect wildlife.

Question 2. Discuss the negative effects on the enviornment?

The negative effects on the environment is it can start really bad wildfires and destroyed animals habitats and kill many trees. A drought can also dry up rivers, and lakes, which will decrease the amount of water we have. A drought can also can start dust bowls which is a severe sign of erosion of land. It can also start dust storms.

Question 3. What are the main regions or areas in or nearest to North America by droughts?

Around the world the major droughts are in Australia, Africa, America, Mexico, eastern Russia, and India.

The main regions of droughts are in America are in El Nino TX, California, New Mexico, Oregon, and Nevada.

Question 4. What wildlife is most affected by droughts?

The wildlife that is most affected by droughts are fish, bald eagles, barn owl, trees, rivers and lakes, gray foxes, southwestern pond turtles, and black bears.

Questipn 5. How are the wildlife affected by droughts?

Wildlife are affected by the droughts because there loosing trees which means their loosing their habitats, their running out of water, and more animals are going hungry and dying.

Question 6. Does droughts affect our lives in League City? If not, could it ever reach our area?

No, droughts do not affect our lives in League City. It could reach our area, but not likely.

Question 7. Are people affected by droughts?

Yes, people are affected by droughts. People are affected by droughts because if there are wildfires we don't have trees to breathe and to make stuff out of. We are also affected by droughts because we could run out of food, since the droughts dried up all the crops we won't have food. We also loose water, since droughts will dry up rivers and lakes.

Question 8. Who or what causes droughts to occur?

Droughts are caused often caused by the activity of humans. Droughts also occur when a long period of abnormally dry weather leads to a severe water shortage.

Question 9. What are the solutions that people have come up with for droughts? If there are not any solutions what are people doing to prevent them?

Solutions that people came up with for droughts are center pivot and linear irrigation. Center pivots provide consistent yields each year, and it reduces the need to rely on Mother Nature.

Question 10. What is your solution?

My solution for droughts is to protect the trees. Droughts are caused by a lack of trees, and if we protect trees we can come out of droughts. Yes, my solution can be implemented now because we can try to protect trees better.



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