Come Visit Charlie's Restraunt

Manager- Abrianna Maples

Our restaurant has the best tex-mex food in all the whole country!!

We serve all the way from steak and hamburgers to enchiladas and tacos. We also have a wide variety of drinks including tea (sweat/un-sweat), coke, Dr. Pepper, sprite, and RC.We also have kids meals that have mac and cheese, corn dogs, pizza, and more! we also have sides like mash potatoes and rice and beans. And last don't forget about our appetizers like cheese sticks and chips and dip.

Our Favorites...

Opening and Closing Hours

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 10am-9pm

Wednesday: 10am-7pm

Friday/Saturday: 10am-11pm

(closed on Sundays and Holidays)

WANT 15% OFF !!!

If your bring this flyer in with you your whole meal will be a whole 15% off of your price.