Every School Partnership

An initiative of the ACTS Group

April Update

I hope this newsletter finds you well! April is a full month for the ACTS Group as we are working hard finalizing documentation for Every School Partnership, creating a new rhythm of monthly task force meetings focused on moving the initiative forward, and continuing to spread the word to churches across the region. We are also gearing up for the Serve Our Schools weekend to weekend service blitz from April 16th-23rd where churches are encouraged to serve local schools together in tangible ways. Is your church involved in the Serve Our Schools effort? We want to hear about it! please let me know by replying to this email. If your church has not been able to secure a service project in time for Serve Our Schools, consider taking some time during the service week to do a prayer walk for your school. More information about school prayer walks is found in this newsletter.

Thank you for serving and praying for your local school,

Megan McCleary

Director, Serve United

A strategic organization of The ACTS Group

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Every School Partnership Luncheon

Last month, the ACTS Group was able to share the vision of Every School Partnership with leaders and pastors of churches who are in the San Juan Unified School District at the Northridge Country Club. It was a great time to gather and meet others passionate about seeing schools transformed in the County Communities area of the Region. We were encouraged to hear stories about what is already happening in this area and excited to see what will continue to happen as churches begin new partnerships.
Every School Partnership - Donna Trumbo, The ABC’s of Church School Partnership Part 1

The ABCs of School Partnership - Donna Trumbo

Donna Trumbo shares practical steps to take in order to begin a partnership. These insights were gleaned from her actua experience working with Bayside of South Sacramento's long term partnership with Pacific Elementary School.

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Upcoming Training: Prayer-Walk your school

For the Gospel to be proclaimed in a city, it is vital that we have groups committed to praying both in and for each community, neighborhood, and school. Join churches from several parts of our city on April 23rd to prayer-walk your school in conjunction with Serve Our Schools!

If you would like more resources on how you can get involved in the April 23rd prayer walk including training and resources available to you, please contact SacramentoPRAYS Coordinator Mike Brill at mike@sacprays.com

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The Church at Elk Grove's Weekend of Service

Many churches in Elk Grove (called the Church at Elk Grove) will be working together to serve the Elk Grove Unified School District school campuses during the Weekend of Service on April 16th 2016. Projects will include campus beautification of about 12 Elk Grove schools, and tasks range from bark installation to library inventory and maintenance to cleaning high school sports stadiums. If you are interested in working with the Church at Elk Grove as they communicate their love of children and their families through school beautification, click here.