Eagle Gazette

Mrs. Holmes third grade class JTSD

P.T.A Steam Team

Yay! Fifth grade is won the P.T.A steam team!The PTA steam team is where grades work together to get all families to join PTA. Every time someone joins the animal on the board goes up! (The board is on the right when you enter in the main doors and when you enter in the car line doors you go straight and stop a little before the computer lab and water fountain)

My dog saves a chicken this is a very true and heroic story!


My aunt Laura lives in st.louis.So she had to drive for four hours just to see my little sister Matilyn, big sister Allison,big brother Nathan,me my dad and mom!We had chickens.The chickens were all girls A.K.A. hens.My aunt Laura came to Nixa to see us.And she brought her dogs with her.My aunt Laura let her puppy Oscer outside to go to the bathroom.Our chickens know how to fly over the pen we made them.Popcorn my brothers chicken went flying over the pen.So Oscer the puppy started chasing popcorn.My dog buster is a beagle.Beagles are hunting dogs.Buster our dog layed down by popcorn.Buster protected popcorn by barking and growling at Oscer if Oscer came close.Then Oscer would step back.And because of buster popcorn lives today.And believe me I know it's true because I stood on my porch and watched the whole thing happen!

Little Medical Explorers Program Article by Taylor Miller photo of club by Kinlan and Carson

Little Medical Explorers program is where kids can learn about medical people and learn how to be doctors ,vets ,nurses , and much more . We get a lab coat and our very own stethoscope . Little Medical Explorers program is for 6 week's. Little Medical Explorers is at JTSD after School . We come in put down our bags ,then put on our lad coats and get our stethoscope play with them gentley and talk to our friends while we wait for the others to get there . When everyone is there we start a lesson . After the lesson we sometimes fill out a sheet of paper about what we learned for example last week we learned about the human heart . After that our parents will come pick us up . Little Medical Eaxplorers is a great kids program ! Hope to see you soon . :) :) :) :)
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Comic Strip by Carson Schaefer