U.S. Vs. Canada Pew Pew *Cannonfire

The Movie of the Game By Clinton Mckee

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Economic Differences and Similarities

The U.S and Canada are both developed countries aswell as each other's largest trading partners but Canada's tax general prices for goods are higher thanks to the lower population density of the country. Canadian workers are also estimated to be 82% as productive per hour as American workers.

Social Differences and Similarities

The largest difference between the two nations is the large population gap the two have, the U.S having the highest and Canada being the lowest, aside from that Canada does have the highest life expectancy rate while the U.S. unfortunately has the highest crime rate and alcohol consumption rate. The quality and way of teaching are fairly similar for both countries.
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Political Differences and Similarities

The U.S and Canada are both democratic nations aswell as federal states, a way they differ how ever is that the U.S is a nation of one basic language, English , while Canada has two, English, and French. Canada also doesn't have states, it has provinces.